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  • Hi, your inbox is full so you can't receive any PMs. I've added you, my safari is quilladin, sawsbuck, tangela.4613 7203 5444 if interested
    Hi, the fossil pokemon go straight to the first box that has any free space. I'm guessing this only happens if your party is full.
    Sorry to just pop up like this, we've never really talked personally, but I remembered you today from the General Shiny Pokémon thread and I realised you haven't posted in a while! I remember always being jealous of how quick some of your hunts were, or the shinies you'd find (like Grumpig!). Are you still shiny hunting? :O
    Sorry, my mistake. The shiny odds for hatched DW-Ability Pokemon, with or without Everstone, is unaffected. In fact, the Shiny odds for hatched non-DW-Ability Pokemon is actually decreased when DW-Ability breeding.
    Hi, here might be the answer to your question on the shiny thread. Only if a dw ability pokemon in the daycare, and if the DW parent or the other parent are everstoned it only then reduces your chances of getting a shiny. I might be wrong though.
    ive fished for feebas, horsea, and i got 3 basculins in the process, all except one of the basculins were below 1000re
    Why can't I get on the shiny xat?

    Btw shiny clubs aren't allowed because they never ended well with big spammers and inactive leaders, stuff like that. So the shiny hunters who were the original people in the first club requested it never be made again.
    my problem with it is the forms are so similar that every time I hatch something I get a moment of "is that a shiny?! oh, i tilted the screen, nm >.<"
    it's just more frustrating than my previous hunts
    Er, if you really need to chat with each other, you can do it via PM/VM. Still, there's nothing against it so you can put a link. JUST REMEMBER that we're not responsible with what happens there and don't make this chat the reason the club is inactive or the topic.
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