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  • It took me a while, but I found them. They've been sent to your messages.

    I'm the impatient type, so 2 months is a while for me XD
    Near Flawless Lvl 1 UT Jolly Shiny Rufflet (31/31/31/?/31/31) are you willing to trade if u can clone ill send u some shinys that u can clone to add 2 collection and a need your egg moved close combat and flare blitz growlithe or arrcanine idk the evoultion state please i really need them for a team
    I've been absent from this site for a very very long time, and in that time I had to get a new pc. Hopefully the files are still saved to my photobucket account. If not, I'm very sorry, but they may be gone.
    OMG everyone I am soo sorry!!!! You've probably noticed that I haven't been on Serebii for a long time, and there's a good reason for that. I had an...accident that I would rather not discuss. Anyway I'm back now! I'm going to try to go on the forum as often as I can. Thanks and again, sorry!!
    Sorry it's taken so long to get the Pokemon back to you. Where I'm at, I'm getting ready to take final exams for my schoolwork, so it's difficult for me to adjust to time zones. If you're eager to get them back, contact Zoroark1998. He is the one who currently holds your Pokemon and is the one who cloned them. He is GMT +0, so it's easier for him to adjust, not me.
    sorry been busy ALOT. lol. can u remind me of the trade. i'll try to trade this weekend. maybe tomorrow.

    I have break for (until Tuesday)... what time are you open? I should be free *most* of the time until wednesday...
    Do you want to try to trade this weekend?
    EDIT: If this works, I would like this, EV'd (255 sp.a, 255 spe) Flawless Lvl 100 Timid Shiny Gengar.
    There isn't a standard- it depends on the Shop owner and what they feel comfortable with. I've had owners who:
    Didn't play me anything
    Gave me one poke for every three pieces
    Gave me one free anything from their shop
    Gave me one credit

    whatever you want is good for me :D
    We can trade whenever you can- I shouldn't be too busy Wednesday evening or Thursday evening. If that doesn't work, I'll be on a lot more this weekend than in the past week.
    Okay! If you need anything else, feel tree to ask...

    *cough* sorry if I sound like a jerk when I ask this, but what's my payment?
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