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  • I actually traded my celebi already, sorry for not letting you know. I might have one in my black version but I have to double check.
    I have a shiny lv 100 torterra, a shiny sharpedo, a shiny lv 100 altaria, a shiny umbreon and a shiny swoobat.
    On the contrary, what is the nature and IVs of your Groudon? It sound better than shaymin, cos I have one already. Did you get the groudon yourself and do you know whether its original?Seeing that shaymin's IVs are pretty horrible...I hope I can get a Groudon instead, would you mind giving me some info?
    I have got a few arceus but they are all from other trades. My personal one is the only one that is ev trained but I'm not willing to give that one up. I can train some up if you want though!
    My arceus (not shiny) is either hardy or adamant nature with all 4 sinnoh legendary moves. He's in a cherish ball (he's from an event). My shiny charizard has the moves heat wave, sky drop, sunny day and solar beam. My shiny porygon-z has psychic, recover, ice beam and thunderbolt. All three are lv 100.
    Yeah spiritomb has dw ability infiltrator. Shiny near flawless. IVs either 30-31. In fact its a good deal judging from the shaymin having rather bad ivs..
    Umm if its near flawless with a good nature i got a naive flawless zorua for you. shiny and original. Apart from exp it has no evs at all. So would you mind telling me the ivs and nature?
    Hi, I'm interested in your shiny darkrai. What is its nature and IVs? Willing to offer a near flawless shiny if its good. And is it original or clone?
    I have an Event deoxys legit that i could trade for your level 100 shiny dragonite, shiny feraligatr, shiny drapion or level 94 shiny blastoise (shiny dragonite or shiny drapion are top priority).
    Please reply!
    I have a lv 100 shiny charizard that I can offer you for the dragonite. I also have a lv 100 shiny porygon-z and an arceus! I've also got loads more! I love shiny dragonites so please get back to me!
    Thank you for the trades, I apologize for the wait.
    If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask! :3
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