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Last Activity:
Apr 24, 2017
Aug 22, 2011
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Master of pokemanz

E123Timay was last seen:
Apr 24, 2017
    1. Road
      Yeah no problem!! Thanks for the trade! c:
    2. Road
      Cool! You'll need my Japanese game FC, which is 2380-6200-9787, and IGN is Milo!
    3. E123Timay
      Sounds like a deal dude :) I have ur fc in my ds I put mine in ur visitor msgs here
    4. Road
      (DANG IT well it's clear now haha.)
      Ah okay, I have that Gengar but Rayquaza sounds good to me if yer okay with it! c:
    5. Yknot
      thanks! enjoy the shiny arceus :)
    6. Yknot
      okay i added you and getting online!
    7. Yknot
      i need your FC!

      and IGN too!
    8. Yknot
      hey there!

      You wanted the Arceus and the jolly kangaskahn right?

      If so yea we can trade!

      My friend code is in my about me section and IGN: Justin
    9. Yknot
      hey there. Sorry I forgot to check if you were online earlier but I am in for the night and will be online for 2 or 3 more hours so feel free to PM or VM me if you hop online tonight. Unfortunately if it doesn't happen tonight may have to wait till late tuesday night since I'm busy through monday.

      Anyway I still need to breed your kangaskhan so I will get to doing that soon :)
    10. Yknot
      let me see if I have a jolly ditto I'll see what I can do :)
    11. Yknot
      Hey I am SOOOO sorry. I forgot my computer was scheduled to update to windows 10 tonight so that took a couple hours and I don't have a spare computer or smart phone to type with. Really sorry about that. To make up for it I can breed you a free bank ball monster (I have all the moonball females) anything you want. Just visit my trade shop (Rautha's gravity wave emorium) for a full list.

      Sorry again! I will be available tomorrow afternoon around 3:00 pm central time (gmt -5) and if that doesn't work a bit later around 11:30 pm central time.

      Sorry again and hope we can trade tomorrow!
    12. Yknot
      sometime after 10:30 central time (gmt - 5)
    13. E123Timay
      Alright sounds good
    14. Yknot
      okay probably not today since my fiancee is over but tomorrow could work after 10:30 pm central time (gmt - 5)

      if not i will maybe have a little bit of time on friday afternoon but if those don't work will maybe have to wait till tuesday.
    15. E123Timay
      The kyurem is a b2 Pokemon (black 2) hence the sadly 0 def iv
    16. Yknot
      Also was wondering what game you caught the kyurem on. If it was a new game should have 3 perfect IV but if older maybe not.

      (found your post telling me what you were trading)
    17. Yknot
      Hello there,

      Just letting you know I finally got the Arceus cloned :)

      Could you remind me what you are trading me for it? Sorry I forgot xD
    18. E123Timay
      Awesome! Sounds good
    19. Yknot
      yea it is if you are still interested, sorry I still need to get my arceus cloned and then we can trade. I'm pretty free during the week so once I get it cloned should be easier to find a trade time :) thanks for your patience and I will let you know when I get it cloned :)
    20. Yknot
      "shiny genesect movie event, movie arceus, a shiny kyurem caught by chance by me"

      i would be interested in these three.

      can you tell me the IV spread and nature of the Kyurem? (also what pokeball you caught it in)

      also what is the OT, ID No. and nature and IV spread of the movie arceus?

      also OT, Id No. and nature and IV's of the genesect

      (sorry I just like to know these things for events xD)

      they don't have to be exact IV's just tell me how many perfect IV's there are, (example Kyurem probably looks something like 31/x/31/x/x/31)
      genesect might not have any perfect IV's since previous gen event.
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