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  • hey bro sorry i can't trade right now, im a bit busy....how about next week? (i know, another delay -_-)
    btw, did you manage to find a thundurus?
    note for anyone who checks this page I am willing to breed my special zoroarks snarl move into any pokemon that can learn it but i want pokemon in return :)
    hey bro great news!!
    tepig FINALLY shines after 11368 :D :D
    thanks for being so patient man....now i'll finish the story in maybe a week, if not sooner and then we can trade :)
    10800 freakin SRs and the stupid pig still doesn't wanna shine.....
    btw don't you have a 4th gen game? That way I can give the mew right away.
    Hey there, just thought i'd tell you....i'm STILL hunting for shiny tepig so I haven't started my game yet.....so if you get another offer for a mew, don't hesitate to take it :)
    oh yeah sorry bro i was a bit busy last few days ..
    of course we're still doing the trade, just when i dont know, since it depends on when tepig's gonna shine.....i promise i'll PM you whem im done :)
    do you have a thundurus? i'll be needing it since i won't be getting it in black.
    i have plenty of mews i'll give one of them ;)
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