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  • Hiya E6, long time no see. The other day I browsed through my Dex and came to the realization that, Golett/Golurk would look dope in a heavy ball since they're considered automatons. Wanna trade? I'll give you a moon ball HA Relicanth for it.
    Amazing! You are a god, I say. I don't mind, I'm sure Scherzando would want Jolly, though. Also could we get a Fast Ball Own Tempo Rockruff? We'll talk on Discord and we would be willing to give up to 5 mons for the Tauros.
    Hmm, well that sucks, hopefully next games will have a way to focus more on one Pokemon like bait system or something. We can dream lol
    Yep, I know all about it. Had one use struggle because I forgot to keep knocking out the older Tauros. That would be great regarding Minun. Let me know what you would like in return.
    Would you consider chaining a HA Tauros in a Level Ball? Can provide the ball if needed.
    You're very welcome. I like helping out when I can. If there is anything else you would like, don't be shy. I'm in the Pacific time zone. See ya later, I hope.
    Just bred HA Moon Inkay and will gladly give you one to make up for lack of IVs and nature. Can you trade soon?
    Just to be clear, you don't want HA? I can do that for you if you want. I'm combining them for collection purposes and I want to do that regardless of the ability being inferior. I don't battle competitively, I like collecting and raising mons, trading.
    Yes, it's no problem. My roommate said she liked Moon ball for Malamar. I'll pick something else from your list instead of Treecko though.
    I have a Moon Ball that I would gladly use to get you an Inkay, if you still need it that is.
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