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  • Okay, thanks! I'd rather have a Hawlucha with Limber, though then I feel slightly bad taking your 6IV... but I know you won't mind if I have it because you're nice :) For Frillish, I think I'll take the one with Water Absorb. I'm breeding your Dhemise and Emolga right now, the latter of which I can easily put HA on, and I had a spare Shadow Tag Gothita ready to go. I'll let you know when they're done!
    Those three would be awesome, and I don't mind that there's no HA. Ever trade with Doomdour? He has every breedable HA (plus he lives with me now :p) so I can get those from him and give you the ball combo with HAs back if you want them for your collection. I haven't advanced to the part in Ultra Moon where you're given the balls to use, or else I'd be catching everything I can. Hope some of my new stuff interests you, like Fast HA Torchic, Level HA Charmander, Beast HA Squirtle... or whatever else from my list you'd like!
    sorry about last night ended up getting home later and i had to be up for work early >.< getting online now on discord
    Thanks for the Pikipek! Always nice trading with ya until next time ^_^

    Hah tell me about it last March I was breeding phantump and ended up with 2 shines right in a row same happened with my first hatched shiny Bulbasaur totally did not expect him at all nor was I looking for him. 200+ mareep not a single pink sheep in the lot nor eevees for that matter. Just goes to show when you look for something it hides and only appears when you least expect it.
    Ok i hatched a male and a female let me know which you would like more or you can have both of you want. Uh do to my flu or whatever this is, I won't be awake until after 7pm so is 7: 30 or 8pm too late for you or early? Honestly I'm up all night and pass out around 9am so whenever is best for you I'll try to just be awake at that time man I can't wait for this weird flu to be over with!
    It's all good I've been sick with a weird flu been sleeping more often then not. I'll get to work on Fonantis as soon as I can and yeah I'll take the male. Now I'm going to pass out in hopes that this cold will end *grumbles* its not even winter yet!
    Its all good i was actually running late so it worked out well. Nice find! Always nice trading with ya. Take care too.
    Alright 6pm it is. Awesome yes please to Mr Mime. You know I never say no to HA rare ball Pokemon ^-^
    Alright Mudbray is done just let me know when your ready to trade. No rush. Also good to hear your doing better!
    Sorry for the late reply I hope your feeling better! As for that chatot I would love one. The male would be fine but if your up for it I would like one with the HA male or female whichever shows up first. Oh I almost forgot! What would you like in return?
    sure thing I will let ya know when they are ready ^_^ I only got around to breeding the vulpix request so working on slowly the others ;)
    Ah sadly I haven't gotten them yet but I plan to hopefully catch them soon but with real life taking a turn for busy bee I doubt I'll have much time but once I do catch them I'll check back and see if you still need them.
    Welcome! 6 ivs are always good so that works for me!

    Oh! That reminds me I just got a popplio with 4 egg moves and a quirky nature did you want one or need one?
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