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  • I'm about midway through Chapter 4 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and nearly to the first battle against Infinite in Forces. Both have been awesome so far, especially XC2. (Nia is the best.)
    Don't worry about it – I've been doing the exact same thing.

    Probably the most exciting thing that's happened is that my family got a Switch for Christmas, so I've had a bunch of new games to play. I've mostly been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but I've also gotten more into Sonic Forces and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lately. I've also gotten a Dungeons & Dragons group started with a friend of mine, so that's been pretty fun.
    Hey, merry belated Christmas! Sorry I vanished for so long. I'm trying to be less flaky, I swear.

    Anyway, how have you been lately?
    (They are.)

    Well, I just started high school a couple of months ago after homeschooling all my life; I've mostly settled into the rhythm of things by now, plus I've made a few friends there, so that's awesome. Also, I just found out yesterday that XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2 IS BEING RELEASED FOR SWITCH ON DECEMBER FIRST. Needless to say, I'm excited.
    I guess there'll always be more Halloweens.

    I just recently started playing Portal 2, and it's pretty amazing so far. I really prefer it to the first game, not just because of the added gameplay mechanics, but because the game just seems to run better. (And speaking of the first Portal, I am apparently one of the twelve or so people who didn't get attached to the Weighted Companion Cube. I feel like this is made up for by how much I angst over killing turrets.) What have you been up to lately?
    Don't worry about it. I hope the stress lets up soon.

    Yeah! My mom even surprised me with one of those WWI-era pilot hats with the ear flaps, so basically I ended up with the best Halloween costume I've ever worn. Which was counterbalanced somewhat by the fact that I completely forgot to carve any jack-'o-lanterns. Which was sad.
    Yep, I'm planning on dressing as a pilot. I've been procrastinating on getting costume bits together, but I found a cool leather jacket at a thrift store a few days ago and now I just need a pair of boots.
    Okay, I'm back again. Sorry for vanishing. I'm trying to get back into the habit of replying regularly.

    Random trivia of the day: You know how, in Sonic and the Black Knight, Blaze's sword is named Laevatein? In Norse mythology, that's the name of a flaming sword wielded by one of the Frost Giants. (Also, the sword in the stone from the legend of King Arthur – the one he got before Excalibur – was named Caliburn ((or Clarent, depending on who you ask; the sword Sonic uses in the tutorial levels before meeting Caliburn is called Clarent)), and the immortality granted by the scabbard of Excalibur was part of the original legend as well. Among many other nods to the original legend, and mythology in general, contained in the game. SEGA clearly did their research.)
    Pretty good, thanks. I've spent a considerable amount of time lately squeeing over new information about Sonic Forces as it arrives, particularly the recent story trailer and the news about Episode Shadow. (Have I mentioned this game is gonna be awesome?)
    Yep. Unleashed is my favorite of all the Sonic games.

    It's on the official Sonic YouTube channel.

    Hey, if you have the time, can you help me out with evolving some Pokémon that evolve via trading? I'm working on the last few Pokémon of the Alola Pokédex.
    Yep! I have to admit, though, the low-poly animation really bugs me sometimes.

    I have to say, though - if Forces takes its major inspiration from any one game, I hope that game is Unleashed. As much as I love SA2, the modern-era games have a special place in my heart.

    Speaking of Sonic stuff, did you see that the Sonic Mania opening animation has been uploaded to YouTube? It's pretty awesome.
    Okay. I hope Canada is nice.

    Yeah, I hope so. It's one of my favorite games story-wise, although there's a lot of really wooden expository dialogue (case in point: Tails' entire first appearance).

    Malachite. I picked his name to match with my Latias, Garnet.
    Don't worry about it.

    I'm actually noticing some parallels between Shadow's role in SA2 and what we know about Infinite so far: they're both mysterious, powerful characters who ally with Eggman for unknown reasons. Even their dialogue and theme songs seem vaguely similar.

    In other news, earlier today I finally caught a Shiny Latios in Alpha Sapphire!
    Yeah, it was. This character is getting really intriguing – faster and more powerful than Sonic, generally mysterious, and he has his own theme song. That last one is the most interesting to me, because the only other villainous character to have a theme song with actual vocals is Eggman (and possibly Metal Sonic, if you count What I'm Made Of as his theme). Infinite is definitely going to be a key element of the the game's story.
    I've never even read Game of Thrones, but I'd heard of that character and thought her name sounded cool. Yeah, they were pretty great battlers. Chamsae in particular took out the Virbank and Castelia Gyms almost single-handedly.
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