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  • Thanks.

    Pretty good. I played through White 2 again (I think this is the third or fourth time) and ended up with a team of Athena the Serperior, Mina the Cincinno, N's Zoroark, Zoe the Mienshao, Daenerys the Altaria, and Ruby the Starmie. I had two other team members early in the game – Chamsae the Tranquill and Chell the Duosion – but ended up taking both off my team; Chamsae because I wanted to use a Cincinno and I have a rule about only using one Pokémon of any type, and Chell because Duosion is apparently really slow.
    Don't worry about it, I get the same way. Which is part of why I've been off Serebii for almost two weeks. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, how have you been during my period of antisocial seclusion?
    It's okay.

    Yeah, it was tricky. There's a couple in Aquarium Park that I still don't know how I got them, but on my other save files I can get up to 178 Rings without all that much trouble. I've spent years now getting to know almost every level in the game, including hunting for Red Star Rings, so. (I'm sorry for bragging so much. In all fairness, I did have to look up the locations of several Red Star rings.)
    Also, playing as Super Sonic is awesome.
    If you click the "Go Advanced" button under the reply box, one of the extra options is to tag something as a spoiler.

    In other video game news...*drumroll*...I managed to collect all 180 Red Star Rings on Sonic Colors!
    Those two sound pretty awesome.

    Well, I've made a lot of Sonic OCs over the years, so in the interests of keeping this concise I'll just tell you about my favorite trio: Nixie, Apollo, and Kai (fox, cat, and hedgehog, respectively). They're basically resistance-style characters, who ended up fighting Eggman after he took over their hometown. Nixie, the leader of the crew, makes a habit of noticing things other people usually don't, and has a sarcastic streak a mile wide. Apollo is an incurable optimist and cheerful enough that it gets kind of ridiculous. Kai is the quiet, levelheaded one, who usually keeps the team together under pressure. Nixie is the only one of the team to have no special powers, but wields a pair of grappling hooks, which is even cooler; Apollo is telepathic and uses an electrified bō staff in combat; and Kai has superstrength. (Fun fact: Kai was originally a shapeshifter, hence her name, which is an abbreviated version of "kaijū".

    Sorry for the longer-than-usual absence, by the way; I've spent the past few days playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm all the way to Sword Valley now, in fact, and
    Speaking of which - could you tell me about some of your OCs? From what little you've mentioned of them so far, I'm pretty curious.
    All I can say is, it's highly likely that this is going to be the best Sonic game yet. I'm especially excited for the Custom Hero – character customization of any sort is like catnip to me, and now we're getting it in a Sonic game! WOOOO! I'm already thinking up possible designs based just on the options we've seen in the trailers.

    In other news, I beat the Telethia! (How far have you gotten in Xenoblade Chronicles, by the way? I tend to be a little paranoid about accidentally dousing people in spoilers.)
    That's actually a really good point about the time travel thing – I hadn't thought about that before. It would explain why Classic and Silver are returning, and it fits with what little we've seen of Infinite so far. It's also interesting that Infinite bears a slight resemblance to Mephiles, who also brought characters from other time periods to the present for nefarious purposes (though from the future rather than the past).

    Oh! And I just realized – that might be what's behind the reappearance of the Egg Dragoon. And if so, that would imply that Infinite is pulling the strings behind the whole Eggman Empire thing. (I thought it was suspicious that we haven't seen any giant statues of Eggman anywhere.) I'm really hoping your theory turns out to be accurate, because that would just make the game so much cooler.
    Okay, I finally got around to watching it, and I've probably said something along the lines of "OMG THIS GAME IS GONNA BE AWESOME" enough times that I don't really need to say it anymore. I do find the grouping of villains to be...interesting. Metal Sonic is the only one I was unsurprised by. Shadow and Chaos are neutral characters at worst, and while Zavok is definitely evil, I highly doubt he'd work with Eggman. (I also didn't think he'd return after the reception Lost World got. Hopefully, he'll be a more three-dimensional character in Forces.) Interestingly, all three of those characters have been manipulated or outright controlled by Eggman...so maybe something of the sort is happening again? And as for this new villain, coolest part of the trailer by far. I have very high hopes for this game.
    Yeah, it is. I really should take it on again – I just realized that Shulk's Monado Purge should disable its regeneration long enough for me to take it down. I have a bad habit of not paying attention to Monado Arts.

    Not yet, no.
    I honestly don't remember anymore. It was a few years ago now.

    Well, I can now say I've gotten actually stuck on a fight in Xenoblade Chronicles: the Telethia. Darn thing regenerates faster than I can damage it.

    Yeah, it's something I tend to do when I'm stuck in a game. For instance, the first time I played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I got killed the first time I fought Ghirahim and spent the next several months doing everything except fighting Ghirahim.

    No problem. I'm the same way sometimes.
    No problem.

    I'm not sure. Definitely a special attacker, since she's the only one on my team, but other than that, no clue.

    Not yet, no. Admittedly, I have been avoiding it.
    Nice team! I've always meant to try using Golisopod, myself. Good luck in your future battles!

    No, I have a tendency to plan my whole team out before starting a playthrough; Drea and Amaterasu were the only members of a species I haven't used before, and they've both worked out great. I might end up replacing Amy eventually, but I'm not sure. I plan to at least change her name, because I tend to call Amaterasu "Ammy" (yes, this is totally taken from Ōkami, which I sadly have not played yet but have looked up on Wikipedia).

    By the way, a few days ago, I found out that you can download Sonic CD for free on iOS. So now I have that game on my phone, and it's pretty awesome. I've gotten a little farther in it than I usually manage in Classic games; I'm at Collision Chaos Act 3, which I'm stuck on due to being flippin' terrible at pinball gimmick levels. (Pun TOTALLY intended.)
    That's good! I hope no one else dies before you finish the game.

    Really well. I do prefer Primarina, but I was already planning on using a Ribombee and Mimikyu, and three Fairy-types on one team felt like overdoing it a little – plus my team isn't great against Steel as it is.
    That does sound like the kind of thing she'd do.

    I don't know how to verbalize my sympathy for you, but...I have great sympathy for you.

    I've been in love with it ever since its reveal trailer, honestly. It's so cute plus all the stuff about it being a lonely and terrifying-looking Pokémon that disguises itself as Pikachu in order to be friends with humans...so sad and adorable. THE GHOSTLY ABOMINATION JUST WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND.

    Rahel the Incineroar, Amy the Cutiefly, Lupe the Lycanroc, Ireland the Tsareena (why do my Tsareena always end up named after countries?), Drea the Mimikyu, and my new newest team member, Amaterasu the Solgaleo (first time I've ever used a mascot legendary on my team; I usually feel like it's cheating, but the past two times I've played through Sun I felt super-guilty for not taking Nebby on adventures). They're all about Lv. 55, since I just finished Ultra Space. It's funny; usually my teams aren't so overbalanced toward physical attackers. But Alola has all the best physical attackers.
    Yep, it does. Although I do sometimes miss blindingly obvious things. (For instance, when I first played Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, I ended up spending ten minutes going in circles in the Scrapyard because I was taking the wrong path.)

    Agreed. Rouge just might be a neutral character if she's on her own, but Shadow and Omega would definitely be taking on Eggman.

    That has to be painful. I'm glad she's (doing science and she's) still alive. And yeah, Mimikyu is definitely the toughest Totem. The first time I fought it, I ended up using my entire stock of Revives during the battle.

    Speaking of Mimikyu, I caught one to use on my team in Sun (her name is Drea), and she is the cutest thing since kittens were invented! She's also a highly impressive battler.
    Thanks. I have a knack for noticing things in video games (that's why I've got so many Red Star rings on Sonic Colors).

    Yeah, it's gonna be so cool!
    Speaking of characters, I really hope Team Dark turns up in Sonic Forces. The atmosphere just seems like it would fit them so well. (Plus I'm a huge fan of Team Dark in general.)
    And there's one more thing I just noticed today, because now I have Melia and Riki on my team: When you look at the central portrait of the Affinity Chart, there's room for a seventh character on one side. Could just be a character we haven't run into yet, but on the inside cover of the game's case, there's a piece of artwork depicting Shulk, Reyn, Fiora, Sharla, Dunban, Melia, and Riki – no one else. Seems like a hint that Fiora just might make a return.

    WOO HYPE! I might just customize them into a bunch of different OCs over the course of the game, but Nixie (as well as another of my OCs, Volt the Lynx) seem like the best fits with the gadgets.
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