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  • Cool. Never played either of those myself, but they sound interesting.

    That's a pretty cool cast of characters you've got there.

    I think it's gonna be fun writing her.

    Yeah. (For one thing, you know how some achievements will show a description of how to earn them before you've actually earned them? One of those turned up around the time I reached Colony 6, with the description "Have Fiora give a lot of presents to that special someone..." Why would that turn up if she's actually dead? Second, we know Homs can be turned into faced Mechon Рfor instance, I'm 99.9% sure that Xord was Desire̩'s father, who supposedly died in the war with the Mechon.) It is pretty awesome.

    OH MY LIGHT GAIA THIS GAME IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME! Funny coincidence I noticed after watching that trailer: one of my oldest Sonic OCs, Nixie the Fox, uses a grappling hook as her main weapon.
    Yeah. I played lots of video games.

    That sounds really cool. What are the main characters like?

    Thanks. I know, right? Taking out that romantic relationship entirely was another change I made, because 1) I kinda felt like it was limiting Elise a bit, 2) all available evidence suggests that Sonic runs screaming at the merest hint of romance, and 3) I hate writing romantic scenes.

    I can imagine! All the mentions of the High Entia and the Giants, Shulk's visions of the future, the fact that when you talk to Desireé in Colony 9 after clearing the Ether Mine she mentions that her father's name was Xord... So many hints of awesome stuff to come! (Also, I have a hunch that Fiora isn't really dead.) And Satorl Marsh looks beautiful at night, by the way.
    (Finally back after spending a week being antisocial.)

    Oh, cool! What's it about?

    Pretty well. The biggest change to the plot is that the rewrite version of Elise is a different character in all but name – I even redesigned her as an anthropomorphic lynx – and has a much more active role in the story, rather than just getting kidnapped every ten seconds. Related to that, the whole story thread with Iblis has changed a lot: When Shadow and Silver go back in time to the accident at the Solaris Project, Silver seals Iblis inside a Chaos Emerald. In the game's present, Sonic retrieves the Emerald from one of Eggman's bases, and absorbs Iblis upon touching it. This is because I wanted to keep Mephiles killing Sonic as a plot point, but take out all the surrounding complexications from the original version. (My opinion on the original plot of Sonic 2006 can pretty much be summed up as "Go home, SEGA, you're drunk.")
    It's an amazing book! I'd try to explain what makes the writing so good, but I'd just end up flailing my arms and making incoherent noises because I'm bad at describing things.

    I finally got around to playing Xenoblade Chronicles again recently, by the way. In fact, I played it for seven and a half hours straight on Friday. I just cleared the part outside Colony 6 where you're confronted by about half a dozen faced Mechon (my reaction to that cutscene was basically "Welp, I'm dead") and now I'm running around Colony 9 looking for quests because I love going on quests. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles has the best story of any game I've ever played.
    Yeah, colds are annoying. What are you writing?

    Pretty good. I haven't really been doing much, apart from outlining my Sonic 2006 rewrite. I also just reread The Tale of Despereaux the other day – I'd almost forgotten how much I love that book, it's been so long since I read it.
    I did manage to beat it, though. I also managed to win my first Shadow Beast fight as normal Link, at Upper Zora's River.
    Yep. You know what's worse to fight, though? The last shadow insect in Lanayru Province. (Yeah, I got that far.) It's terrifying. (Like every other Zelda boss!) And the worst bit is that you fight it on floating platforms way out in Lake Hyrule (which I keep wanting to call Lake Floria for some reason), so there's really no room to maneuver.
    I restarted my game on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess a couple of days ago so I could play through the Wolf Link sections again, and I already cleared all of the ones I'd gotten to in my last run. In fact, I'm already at the entrance to the Goron Mines. And I'd almost forgotten how much I hate fighting Shadow Beasts.
    Yeah, Lilligant is a pretty great Pokémon.

    A similar thing happened in a dream I had several years ago. In the dream, I was walking through a snowy forest at night, and I was wearing a pair of snowboots that flashed a light and made a beeping noise every time I took a step. Eventually, I made my way back to my house, and then I woke up...to the beeping of my alarm clock.
    I'm really happy about there being a new character. I can't wait to see what they're like. Yeah, I like BoomAmy better than normal Amy. It might just be that, without her swooning over Sonic all the time, there's nothing to get in the way of her awesomeness.

    Gothitelle. I think it's one of the coolest Pok̩mon in Gen V, but I have White and White 2, so I can't catch it in the Unova games. I did end up using one as my final team member during a recent Psychic monotype run of Y, though. Long wait to catch it, but worthwhile Рits only real disadvantage is low Speed.

    I had a dream last night that I was watching the Northern Lights from the Aspertia Overlook. Rouge the Bat turned up in the dream just before I woke up, which was probably because I'd set an alarm on my phone and was using the Dry Lagoon theme from SA2 as the alarm tone.

    (I'm sorry I've been so vanishy, by the way. Some days I get antisocial. Some days I just can't English well enough to carry on written conversations.)
    Hopefully, there being three playable characters in Mania means Sega's planning to bring the other characters into the games more. And yeah, Tails and Amy's redesigns are great! They look so much cooler.
    Yay hype!

    Hey, at least it didn't die. Yeah, having a cool Pokémon with a bad moveset stinks. The same thing happened to me with a Raichu on one of my many playthroughs of Y.
    I do have to admit, Hydrocity's theme is the best music I've heard in any of the Classic games, and right up there with my favorite Modern tracks like Rooftop Run and Deep Woods.

    Yeah, Silver in particular doesn't get nearly as much time in the spotlight as he deserves (I guess the time travel backstory is pretty situational, though). But really, it's the same for almost all the characters – it's usually just Sonic and (to a lesser extent) Tails who get to be in the spotlight. The other characters, if they're even present, just kind of hang out on the sidelines (Generations being an extreme example), which is sad – the series has so many great characters! Heck, one of the main things I liked about Sonic Boom was that more of the characters got to show up (even if I do hate the Sonic Boom versions of Knuckles and Shadow).
    And yes, I really hope Sonic Forces turns out to be good.
    Yeah. In fact, when the team escapes Eggman's attack on Angel Island, Amy has to pilot the airship because Tails is in shock from seeing his best friend cyborg-ified and under Eggman's control.

    I finally cleared Angel Island Zone on Sonic 3 yesterday, mainly because I learned my lesson about not falling off the platform during the boss fight. I haven't really taken a shot at Hydrocity Zone yet, though, because the classic games' underwater physics scare me (this is also why I'm still stuck on Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 in Sonic 2). Heck, I even get nervous about the underwater areas in Colors, and in that you can jump infinitely underwater and use Stomp to drop faster.

    And speaking of Sonic, I found out recently that Silver is going to appear in Sonic Forces! I actually squealed when I read that. I've been hoping for this since the first trailer. (In fact, my first thought when I watched the opening of the first trailer was "It looks like Crisis City! I bet Silver's gonna be in this.") I also found the main theme for Sonic Forces on YouTube and listened to it several times. I am hyped for this game like you would not believe.
    He sounds like a really interesting character!

    Yeah. As I've been thinking out the story, the friendship between the characters – Sonic and Tails especially – has ended up as the major theme.
    Cool! Now I'm curious about that character.

    The story starts with a prologue recounting how Eggman took over the world (by global ambush, essentially). A year later, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge are one of the few pockets of resistance left. One day, Sonic and Tails are out on a scouting mission when they're ambushed by Eggman's robots. Sonic buys time for Tails to get away, but gets himself captured in the process. Several days later, Angel Island (where our heroes are based) is attacked by Eggman Empire forces, including...wait for it...a cyborg-ified Sonic. Amy and Shadow manage to fight off Sonic, but the greater force of the attack is too much for the others to contend with, and they decide to retreat. (Knuckles, obviously, is reluctant to leave the Master Emerald, but Rouge convinces him that they can take it back another day.) Using the Typhoon, Tails' airship, our heroes manage to shake Eggman's forces off their tail. They land on the ruins of Prison Island, where they split up to search for a new base site; as they explore, each of them recalls the events of Sonic Adventure 2. A few days later, they begin planning an attack on Eggman's main base. When they finally launch the attack, though, they're captured almost immediately. Eggman tells them that, the next day, they'll all be cyborg-ified like Sonic was. Late that night, as our heroes sleep uneasily in their cells, someone wakes up Tails. Turns out it's Sonic, who managed to break through the mind control imposed by the cyborg parts. Sonic tells Tails that he'd get everyone out right now, but he can't open the cells without authorization; however, the blue blur does have a plan. And I can't word well enough to type out the rest of the plot summary.
    Well, there was this one roleplay I was on back on the Warriors message boards where, after roleplaying for a while, I realized that my character had fallen in love with one of the other characters and I hadn't noticed at all.

    I just remembered another Sonic fanfiction idea I had a while back, if you want to hear it.
    Sort of. I haven't gotten anything written down, but I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen in the first several scenes of the story.

    I'm looking forward to the challenge.
    Glad you like them! Yeah, the first is the one I most want to write – it's just that I can't decide where to take the story. Don't even know who the main villain is (though I'm considering making them a rogue Shadow Android).
    I've also been considering writing adaptations of the games themselves, particularly those few such as Sonic 2006 and Shadow the Hedgehog that are notorious for not having great stories.
    Idea #1: Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, and Silver are in-training special ops agents for an unknown organization, and none of them remembers their past. One day, they're sent on their first mission: to take out a small enemy base in a ruined city. There, they run into Sonic, Tails, and the Chaotix, who are amazed to see them. Finding out that the team have no memories, Sonic and Tails sum up the recent past: Two years ago, the United Federation and G.U.N. were taken over from within by unknown forces. They're now known as the Empire and rule most of the planet. Sonic organized a resistance group, which Knuckles, Amy, Silver, and Blaze were all part of. (Shadow and Rouge disappeared when G.U.N. was taken over.) One year ago, those four were captured by the Empire and presumed dead. The team isn't sure whether to believe this story or not, and return to base to see if they can find any evidence. Back at the base, Rouge manages to find files confirming the story. Soon, the team is sent back to the ruined city, where they meet up with Sonic again and agree to (re)join the Resistance.
    Idea #2: Sonic's world has been at peace for an unusually long time, due mostly to Eggman having apparently reformed; he now runs a prominent robotics company. Everyone was suspicious of him at first, but it's been long enough that even most of Eggman's old enemies have decided to give him a second chance, the main exceptions being Sonic and Shadow. After finding out that Eggman has signed a contract with G.U.N. to produce military robots, Shadow, suspicious of the doctor's motives in building heavily armed robots, decides to investigate; Rouge, though doubtful, decides to tag along to keep her friend out of trouble. They do uncover a world-domination plot...but the clues lead them much deeper than they expected, and they're going to have a tough time getting proof of it without getting themselves killed first.
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