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  • EK, I know school's been kicking your butt, but please, if you get the chance, could you send out something else in our match? it's just not moving.
    No. Free round orders are instead of your previous orders. It's one round, you just get to re-order when you DQ someone, since free-rounds don't need to be as energy efficient.
    You still have your 3-mover, and you can use 3-movers in free rounds if you want. I won't be reffing until later anyway, so you can edit your orders if you want.
    I'm not like a formal mod or anything so I really can't tell you for sure. If I were you, I'd put a note in my sig or profile just to be safe.
    There is no reffing limit, no, but do be careful as if you take too many, you may be unable to manage them.

    You can do whatever you want with your Pokemon. I have a Snorunt and Pichu who will never evolve.

    I'm really not the one who ultimately makes decisions on viable Gyms but it's entirely possible. To me, Desert seems relatively balanced since they all tend to be Ground and there are only a few other 'mon that would fit the bill that aren't.
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