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Echo Nacyl
Last Activity:
Nov 26, 2018
Dec 3, 2014
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Echo Nacyl

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Echo Nacyl was last seen:
Nov 26, 2018
    1. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Thanks for the good luck on my Litten hunt. The quickest hatch that I've ever had happened in Soul Silver. I hatched a shiny Bulbasaur in 30 eggs years ago. Ever since then my Masuda hunts drag on forever lol. Good luck to you on your hunts as well :D
    2. KenzeyEevee
      Hello,how are you?:)
    3. kirkeastment
      you may already be aware, but if not, your surprise shiny as a gift that you're hatching for.... you won't be able to trade it to them and have it hatch shiny on their game, as the TID/SID won't correspond the way they do on your game.

      Thought i would give a heads up, since you did say surprise shiny. :)
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    Guzzlord has stolen my heart. Or eaten it. I'm not sure.
    Most recent hunted shiny: 5250 SRs