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  • You got it and sorry again thinking of leaving serebii for good anyway been on my a lot sorry to waste ur time seriously that isn't me usually
    I have been very busy and still haven't breed anything on my cell phone ATM if u can't wait I understand sorry for the inconvenience if I caused you
    Good afternoon Eclair :) I just updated my bank ball Pokemon if you would love to take a look around!
    its cool im still behind alot of request still and yes i still need that pichu if you could please and thanks funny thing I was out with a cold as well for awhile and still getting over it so no worries take your time on trading.
    For the 5 Pokemon I am interested in moon ball absol with egg moves, ha squirtle, ha bulbasaur, ha turtwig and ha piplup all female please :p
    Happy Valentines Day :3 I finished your request and your 5 unique Pokemon are waiting for pick up!
    its located on the front of my post in your request form I normally look at it as well as its in the thread which im pretty sure though we discussed a fast ball pichu 5 iv for the the 5iv weedle
    alright it may be by the time your weedle is finished lol but yeah i understand I understand we have trouble seeing eachother online so Ill take that account don't worry.
    I am on right now but I am off the next two days but not sure if i will be on alot though my boyfriend is back from ohio so we shall see. Im trying to think of a good time for us XD
    sure thing eclair take your time on we shall work a time out ill be on and off tommorow since im off from work so we can try tommorow if you are on. I know how it feels I am so on and half the time doing things irl.
    Hi Eclair :)
    I stopped by to tell you that I didnt forget about you nor your request :3 and that even though I have been busy I have been doing your request off and on :p
    Annnd imy :3
    saw your post in my thread been with busy with irl atm don't worry Ill get that stuff to you as soon as I can ;) Ill try to keep checking in as well...
    no i didn't forget :p I didn't add you yet because I just been trying to work on the other requests quickly I still can look back to find your form ;) and second I made that whole thing myself using photoshop CS6 I use to own a art shop which use to be popular a few years back. I use to make banners,userbars and etc, so I used my brushes to make a cool look to match the oras stat chart background.
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