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  • tbh if you didn't have egg moves on the growlithe i wouldn't care tbh i only wanted it for the ball choice female and 5iv don't worry i understand. I do fair trades as well but anyway i don't care if the pichu has egg moves or not as long as its 5iv fast ball and female for the weedle since i think you don't want egg moves anyway so that should be fine.
    hey there eclair I am feeling better so i can add you to my wait list now for the hidden ability weedle with 5 ivs or 6 ivs ill take a fast ball female pichu with 5iv or 6iv depending on the iv you choose for the weedle so if its 5iv i expect 5 iv. If the breeding to much trouble i would take a growlithe in fast ball but it says males only thats no good for me because i need it to pass down the ball choice and egg moves. Ill look again though if this doesn't go through.
    sadly, the only other poke that interests me would be a fast ball female growlithe.
    she has 5ivs, japanese too, so i might breed off of it to get a female to trade. i would like a repeat ball charmander female with dd and outrage.
    hello, would you be interested in a nest ball female chikorita with leaf storm, counter,leech seed and heal pulse?
    I moved all my 5th gen events to my pokebank :>
    and put all of em on my recent thread too so full ^^
    oh haha...i thought you would forfiet and send me another battle request. next time when we see each other online we can battle
    Well let's see how many more -Spd and -Sp Atk I will get before getting one that doesn't.

    (on a side note, first female after switching Fennekin parent -Spd IV)
    I don't feel like giving you one that's missing stuff like Sp.Atk and Speed. xDD

    And what I mean that RNG is basically the generator that produces the IVs, nature, ability, gender and shinyness of a Pokemon. It's called Random Number Generator for a reason you know. After all, a Pokemon's data is a bunch of numbers. P:

    The ones you call cheating though, uses something called RNG abuse. It studies how the RNG in Pokemon works and tweak with it to get what they want.
    I think the game's really trolling with me...

    Since my exams are over, and since I got a 5IV HA female parent, I've been doing nothing but breeding these babies.

    But RNG is such a troll.
    Why do all the perfect female Fennekins have Blaze as their ability?
    And why do all the HA female Fennekins have 1 missing stat that is not Attack?
    I even have this feeling in my gut that a shiny will hatch first before I'll even get the right one.
    Now they pop out with their HA but they all have 3IVs. It's like they hate me or something! xDD

    I don't think my PC can withstand any more breeding lol. I'm down to at least 10 boxspace, which will probably be full by Sunday. xDD

    Yeah, I still can't seem to grab a hold on an E-shop prepaid card.
    So far 4IV HA female Heal Ball Fennekin with all its 4 Egg Moves.

    Although my game decided that I should have a perfect non-HA female one. Seriously, the first female to pop out of the second breeding session was a perfect one. xDD

    But I thought of it and I don't really want Magician on a Fennekin (for me lol) so I'll probably keep it for MM purposes. xD

    Or for battle purposes? xDD

    Anyway, 66% complete maybe? xDD

    Also I was just reporting that I'm busy working on your Fennekin and its silly gender ratios (why do most of my girls have Blaze?), you can just talk about Gastly here. xDD
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