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  • Hello Eclair~. I just wanted to talk to ya so don't be all alter and hyped up.

    Anyways you probably wanna click on peoples names or avatars, and leave a message at there profiles. People get feedback. Try it out with me.
    I didnt finish your request till it was too late thats why i am sorry :p
    And ty ty ty again :3 I wanted to do something different but I like blue wayy too much to change my clothes ^^
    Hey bby my apologies for not being on lately irl has been wild!
    Yes my hair grew a lot since I cut it 3 months ago :3 so I made it grow ingame too ^^
    Hmm... I just noticed this: Is it possible to get an Eevee in an Apricorn Ball? Cause Wild Eevee in the 4th gen are only available in DPPt, and they don't have those balls.

    And gifts, game corners as well as PokeWalker comes in Pokeballs, right? :/

    Also, Petal Dance, even if it's an egg move for Bulbasaur, can be learned by Venusaur through lv up, exactly at lv 32. I believe same goes with Piplup and Hydro Pump, only that Piplup does learn at lv 43.

    Forgive me if I tend to poke flaws in your shops and requests. Who knows, you might find another move for Bulbasaur as well. P:
    Yeah. So many tears will be shed on that day. For both occasions.

    Right now I feel like drawing Pokemon. It's been a while since I do it on paper. Drawn too much on Miiverse (actually that's the only thing I do when I'm visiting). Any Pokemon requests? xD
    I guess I'll try it out by going to Pokegen at gen 5 and gen two Eeveelutions to breed. For research of course. And probably trade it to an actual game ane troll a few folks if it does succeed before May 20th. P:

    Ouch, that's gonna be tough. Out of all the shiny hunters hunting with IVs only one person managed to get 6IVs, while a few others got 5 on the incorrect stats, and the rest 4 or less. Good luck though. xD

    I miscounted the times I accidentally called her 'Mystica' in my head before quickly correcting myself.

    And apparently the DS and Wii WiFi termination will happen on the same day I'll graduate. Well...
    I guess I will soon. :/

    It works at gen 5 though. Apparently, some guy on Bulbapedia bred two high-leveled Leafeons together and got Eevees with Leaf Blade. I was looking forward to troll people too... :/

    Well, congrats on that then. Love Ball is such a cute ball to have, after all. Hopefully you'll get your Shiny Zubat soon. xD

    Speaking of MM and past memories, I'm still hunting for a Shiny Feebas... To honor the Milotic that I used to have before my save file was corrupted. I did get to hatch one with the same nature and characteristic, but since she's not her, I nicknamed the Feebas another nickname. Didn't stop me from calling her my old Milotic's name. ;3;
    You're not adding that Zubat to your inventory yet? XD

    By the way, I somehow acquired a Female Dream Ball HA Crobat. Well... the ball's pink? xD
    Oops, you posted at your profile xD

    Anyway, no problem. I haven't gotten a Modern Vivillon myself for this nicknamed collection. xD

    I don't really want to risk Rp.12,000 to try and put in $1 into the E-Shop. I haven't made a Credit Card after all. :/

    Oh, and I just discovered a way to get Flareons with Leaf Blade. I'm dying to try it out myself. x3
    Thank you for the HA Zubat and with some egg moves too. :)

    Ok, have you actually tried to add funds to your eshop account using a credit card?
    Okay, I'm ready. They decided to be kind and gave me an HA one immediately. And I was still in bed with my 3DS -battery dead- under my pillow. xD

    And my problem goes more to the "US doesn't accept international credits" kind of problem than anything. So I need a E-shop card. :/
    Wait, this thing hasn't charge yet. Although I know you'll be available as it's 6 PM there right? P:

    Will other currencies work when refilling the E-shop card though? I set my region to US because it has more content than my region's. I mean, with only Pokemon XY updates in the shop? :/

    Although if it does work then I guess I'll go make one. My bro's nagging me to make one as well, after all. :/
    I really can't find E-shop cards over here. Need to go to a certain mall and my parents don't really want me going there all alone. Hopefully it'll change in a few months. .3."

    It's not like I need anything right now anyway. Although I'm collecting Vivillon patterns from eggs right now, so just give me a Scatterbug egg. xD
    It's not like I have a Love Ball Zubat lol. I'm just dropping a quick question after all. xD

    Although I can get you just the HA Zubat unless you want me to give it the Egg Moves as well? No need for anything in return. My PC will explode anyway if you do. And by explode, I mean the [sub]dang I can't fit in anything anymore[/sub] kind of exploding. xD

    I wish I have Pokebank up and running again. xD
    Hi, sorry to randomly intrude your fine VM area. xD

    I have a quick question regarding Zubat. Does it need to have a specific nature? Just asking. xD

    Anyway, hi (as a friend). xD
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