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  • You could've asked someone about one liners if you weren't sure =/
    If you're unsure about any of the rules, just ask someone so you can make sure you don't break a rule.

    Anyways, all posts have to be at least 2 "lines".
    That doesn't mean 2 sentences, but 2 seperate lines.

    Example of a one liner:

    This is a one liner. Even though they are 2 sentences.
    Example of a correct post:

    This is no one liner.
    Because they're on seperate lines.
    This doesn't mean you can just post like this:

    Thanks =)
    Because that would be considered spam.
    What you did wrong is obvious; you're not allowed to post one-liners.
    I know a lot of people do that without getting strikes, because the owner/co-owners are kinda in-active, which is unfair as they usually strike the last person who broke a rule.

    I've been asked to become a co-owner though, which I accepted.
    Zabi is a new co-owner aswell and we'll make sure EVERYONE will be treatened equally.

    One-liners will always get you a strike, no matter what.
    So does spam (i.e. updating every 500 encounters).

    And we just want to keep the club a fun place, but in order to do that, rules are necassary.
    You say you read the rules, but you don't follow them, which is why you get strikes.
    Even though you might not like the rules, you still have to follow them, which isn't that hard actually. Look at me, I haven't received any strikes since I became a member over 4 years ago, because the rules are simple and not too hard to follow.

    It's nothing against you, but rules are rules.
    I'm not in the shiny club but it might have something to do with this:

    Oh my God, stop breaking the freaking rules.

    I honestly fail to see how you newer members claim to have "read all the rules and agree to abide by them" when you break them left and right as if they don't exist.

    STOP posting one liners.

    STOP talking about shinies that you KNOW are hacked.

    STOP posting every 10 eggs/40 soft resets.

    STOP telling us about how you change your targets on every little whim you have.

    Just follow the damn rules. They are there for a reason.

    Khaoscontrol and eddy963, you both have strikes for failure of following (and reading) the club rules.

    And from now on, any person who wants to be a member must post for a FULL WEEK without accumulating any sort of strikes. This will hopefully provide some incentive for them to actually read the damn rules.

    **** is just ridiculous. ****ing ridiculous.
    You got a strike? Bummer. Maybe go and study the rules a bit. They seem quite strict here but it's probably for the best :)
    Which picture?
    I think some threads won't let you post pictures (not really certain though).
    You could always just post the link for people to see.
    showing a pic is pretty important. in a way it validates the shiny you get. also if you want to post a pic just enter [img*]web address[/img*] enter that code without the asterisks. also please try to keep the pictures small, the big ones clutter the club and are very long to load. hope this helps.

    also, no new shiny hunts right now. just squirtle when i have time. good luck on your ho-oh hunt! thats an awesome shiny
    Just upload to a site like Photobucket.com
    Then you copy the link and put it between IMG tags, like this:

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