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  • I've editted the Tiers thread, if you still care!

    I can't really say to much about the song, since I've never played FFX but the quality is certainly much better. If you're taking requests, Fisherman's Horizon from FFVIII would be really cool
    Replying via VM because it's more convinient and stuff~

    I like it! I don't really have an ear for music, but it sounds nice. The melody could be little louder, though.

    There are still a few Pokemon that need to be sorted out. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time. I'm taking college exams this year, and the exams are a pretty big thing
    Aurawarrior 3/3'd Lower Middle Thorn before your post, and I had said tierng ready before your post. It's basically a first-come-first-serve kind of thing =\.

    Also, I don't know if I should be thankng you for advancing the thread as much as you did, or curse you for making me do all that editting in the middle of study period xD
    Like you sort of fly under the radar; nobody acknowledges that you're good at rating. If that makes sense. n_n;
    + respect for using Alomomola, ahahaha.
    Hey there, just wanted to tell you that I think you're a good rater and you don't get the recognition you deserve. Keep it up :)
    I stutter quite a bit as well, probably because I haven't used any spoken english in four and a half years .

    I like sidequests, honestly. But only if they're done well. IX and Chrono Trigger are perfect examples of this. They make the sidequests enjoyable while also adding extra lore and insight on the world being played. VI is another one of my top three, and IX is my other x). I'm currently in the process of replaying IX so yay
    It very obviously did. It's amazing how one intelligent person can affect the thread xD. I'm also not native to Americaland; I'm from Korea. That being said, I did spend some time in the States so there you go.

    Final Fantasy IV, love that game. It's probably my third favorite in the series, although my top three list gets switched around every other week xD
    So apparently you aren't native to an english speaking country? That's actually pretty awesome, your English is so much better than half the people here >.> Mind if I ask where you're from?

    Yes, this is a glorified hello xD
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