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  • You're not .... .... .... ... Are you? I'm really worried about you... Please. Give me a sign that you're okay.
    I told you =D

    Meh you dn't really need to watch the first one to understand, but they do compliment eachother nicely. Specially the scene at the start with Scarecrow ^_^

    =O tell me about it! I mean its a holliday! Whats so holliday-like about a ton of homework!? I have to fill half a sketch book with pictures by tomorrow, but I've only done 17 because I really am not enjoying it ;-;

    15 page?!!!?!?!?!1111 x.x;;;
    Where have you been? =O

    Happy new year to you and make sure you watch it >=O Batman Begins is also a good watch too...=D

    Ouch. We just finished a play this week, so it's back to homework and studying for us. XD

    Good luck, Eefi-chan.

    Blue is the only one I know of that uses Ditto for something more important than breeding.

    (Too bad it's only at Lvl. 40.........................)
    While I do respect not only your thought towards this matter, but your concern towards others, I must respond in a very similar tone to that of what fhq responded with. Though yes, fhq and I are both trying to get to 500 friends the fastest, think of it essentially more of an incentive to drive us towards more friends, as we're not doing it just for that, and we don't think of each member as numbers (Though I did come across like that earlier), but we want to get to know more people, and this does seem like a way to do so. And even if those that we request take friendship seriously (Which I don't discourage or dislike at all), many of them will ask or tell us why they've not done so, and a simple conversation will end that right there.

    So while I do appreciate your concern, I would just like to show how both of us are really feeling and why we are doing this. Thanks.
    Yeah, I noticed that too.

    (actually, I noticed the similarites with the manga and the movies in FR/LG arc and Mewtwo's "M2" suit...)
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