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  • just Persian? haha no problems :) you think we can dextrade on friday? bring two pokemons and ill give you an egg as well ;)
    we can do a dextrade too, tell me what time it is in your country when you answer and ill figure out the time differences :)
    haha i would like to keep that one so which useless pokemons do you want? i have them all :) (unless its a legendary that arent bredable)
    I AM SO SORRY!!! my internet has been down for a while but its up again now so please tell me what time you would like to trade...
    Oh I forgot to send you some messages.
    Since we're already "friends", I have a simple request...
    How about transferring some of my 12 pokemon from Pearl to my Platinum version, like this way:
    I'll send 12 of my pokemon to your cart, then send those 12 pokemon back to my Platinum cart.
    Sorry, but I have no friend here with DS units...

    I'm already excited to buy Platinum tomorrow.
    ok how about 7 pm tomorrow? i just need to see those 4 pokemons then im happy ^^ how about you?

    but if youre still online then we can do the trade right away, i got your FC from your previous message, mine are in my sig ;)
    I have all those things - but i can only do tradebacks because i want them all as they are all event or very special ^^'
    wait, does that mean that you have Arceus too? o_O
    yeah i can agree to that, that way i can get them over the GTS :) when can you trade? i just need 4 more then im complete ^^
    can you help me with my pokemon hunt? i just nedd about 15 more pokemons then im complete, my list is in my sig (please take a look) i can help you out too if you want.

    or even better, ill tell you whitch pokemon i have in my team ;)
    haha i can help you a little then ;) i have the pokerus virus AND i got 3 Lucky eggs, you can have them both if you like, theyre really handy in training low level pokemons..
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