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  • You could play as an Eevee in the first two games (Red and Blue), if I remember right. You had to choose the female character to play, though, which I wasn't fond of...... but I did it anyway.

    I tried Skyrim previously, but it wasn't really my kind of game. Now that I do roleplaying with Dungeons and Dragons, though, it's much easier for me to actually get into playing my character. Plus, it's quite challenging. On the other hand, I learned yesterday that the dragons in Skyrim aren't dragons at all- they're wyverns, because they only have two legs.
    I don't like spikes, but traps and other obstacles do make things interesting. I don't think any one edition is the best (and I've only played 4th edition myself), but 3.5 seems to be the most popular. I don't know much about the other editions, though.

    My friends and I have joked before that if you want to make sure your kids don't get into drugs, teach them Magic- they won't have any money left over for drugs :p

    Yeah, I know. I do feel like leveling up in the newest Mystery Dungeon takes forever, though, so maybe the higher levels are to help get around that. Still, it's rather easy, and even the challenging portions of the more recent games aren't that hard. You can start out as the usual fire/water/grass starters from all the generations, plus Pikachu and Riolu.

    Since I've been so bored with the lack of challenge in Mystery Dungeon and I don't want to replay any of my other games, I grabbed Skyrim from my mom a couple days ago. Dragons? Now those are challenging. I'll probably spend most of today drawing D&D dungeon maps though, considering I go back to college tomorrow and the new campaign will be starting soon.
    By the way, about the new Mystery Dungeon game- it is ridiculously easy to make new friends and expand your team, all you have to do is complete a mission and whomever assigned the mission is added to your team (along with any other Pokemon who are included in the mission, if you are rescuing someone). They also sometimes introduce even more friends to you, and you are able to use any Pokemon you want whenever you want on missions that aren't part of the main storyline (you don't have to use your character or partner outside of the main story missions, especially since everyone gets experience even if they didn't participate in a mission). Also, your very first friend is a Sylveon! And my second one was a Vulpix, although I don't know if that was scripted into the game or not. I also recently befriended a Vaporeon, who introduced me to Eevee and Jolteon as well- all before my character and partner even hit level 17!

    Plus, Sylveon starts at level 19 and the Jolteon was level 32, well above my main characters. Vulpix was the same level as my partner when she joined, level 13. On the other hand, the main story missions are much harder than I remember them being......
    Right now, any job would do. I just need a source of income. Most decent IT jobs require a bachelor's degree anyway, or at least an associate's degree, which I won't have until the end of April. Having a job would help me keep paying for college, plus it would help pay for some of that Magic addiction...... :p

    No, you can't combine editions. The mechanics are too different. It might be possible to take something interesting from one edition and convert it to another (a monster or a weapon, maybe), but it still wouldn't be quite the same. I'm usually a quiet person, so I didn't ave my character say too much, plus our DM mostly focused on fighting anyway. The only time I really got embarrassed was by my terrible luck at rolling dice- there was one dungeon that had a room with a few platforms above a bunch of spikes. Instead of jumping across the platforms, we used some rope to rappel down to the floor and step around the spikes...... I ended up falling on a spike, and when I would roll the dice to get off the spike, I rolled 1s and 2s several times in a row with a 20-sided die and only hurt myself even more (a 1 in 4th edition is a critical fail). Needless to say, spikes really aren't my thing anymore, and it's now an inside joke among my gaming group. But anyway, it does get easier to play as your character as you experience more things- and that's why making a character based on yourself is the easiest thing to do, you just have your character do things the way you would do them.
    I don't know. It makes sense, but I don't know if card insurance is actually a thing or not. I'm betting it isn't, because the really rare, old cards like Black Lotus were only printed in very limited numbers and getting a replacement would be very difficult.

    There are several different editions...... I know people who play 2nd edition and the 3.5 edition, and 5th edition is also a thing. 4th is probably the most complicated, it has a bunch of races and a lot of different classes. Drakes are like dragons, but they're typically smaller and don't have the intelligence of a dragon, so they're basically really dumb dragons (plus some can't fly). There is a limit to the number of unique characters you can make, but at least in 4th edition the number of possibilities is very high, several hundred at least. No, you can't make your own weapons or armor, or combine them into new things- or at least there are no rules for it.

    I don't, really. Except maybe to find a job again.
    They're collector's items, I guess. After spending that much money, you would never play that card in a deck for fear of damaging it anyway. One of my professors had three of the most expensive "Power 9" cards from way back in the 90s when the Unlimited edition came out, and if he were to sell them I think two were worth about $1200-1300 and the last one was around $1500. They are extremely powerful cards that were never reprinted, which is why they are so expensive. By comparison, the most expensive card I bought for my deck a couple weeks ago was worth around $20.

    Oh, no. They'll be whatever race they decide to be (Dragonborn is a choice, though), and they'll form an alliance with a tribe or color of dragons. In theory, though, dragons could probably wear armor, even magical armor...... it would just be a bit too big for anyone else to wear, haha. You can't have a dragon companion in 4th edition, unfortunately. The closest thing I know of was my Drake summon fromt he last campaign, and he couldn't fly.

    Programming is hard for a lot of people.
    SAO was great. I think the first season was better than the second, but the second still wasn't bad.

    Magic can get VERY expensive. The deck I just ordered was the most I've spent on a deck all at once (about $125 for 50ish cards), but one of my friends is making a tournament deck that will cost around $800, and if you want to buy individual cards from the very first three sets printed (Alpha, Beta, and...... Unlimited, I think) you can end up paying $1500 for a single card pretty easily. And then there's Black Lotus, the most expensive card of them all...... a Black Lotus from Alpha (in mint condition) is in the area of $30,000. So yeah. Not cheap.

    My campaign will be on one of two routes, depending on what the players choose- either they will be inserted into a war between two nations and have to pick a side, or it will be an extension of something from the previous campaign where they ally with a certain color of dragons (likely silver) and have to fight another color of dragon (I think white was the enemy last time). A dragon war, essentially. I'll probably go with the second option if none of the players care which one is used.

    Using a USB flash drive as an example, hardware is the actual, physical flash drive you hold in your hands, while software is the stuff installed on the flash drive to allow it to to connect to your computer and store things. I don't really think programming uses grammar...... it's kinda hard to explain. A simple two lines of code would be something like 'str x = "Hello World"' followed by 'write-host x' which would print "Hello World" into the output of whatever program you are using to code. I think that particular example was with Windows Powershell, if my memory works right. So no grammar, really.
    This ended up being so long I had to split it into three posts, haha.

    There are four main branches of IT- hardware, software, networking, and security (with possibly management being a fifth one). Hardware is where you fix computers and build new ones and do all that tech support stuff. Software is using programming to make new applications and scripts to run those applications. Networking is a pain and I hate it (it's building networks of computers, basically...... I think). And security is setting up systems to keep bad things out, while making sure the people on the inside can't access things they aren't supposed to. I'm on the security side, which at this college also places a lot of emphasis on long-term planning and management, and my knowledge in the other fields is limited- especially for hardware and networking. I can't really fix broken computers, despite being in IT.

    Fruit is pretty expensive here too, and I like spicy. Well, moderately spicy at least...... what is kimchi?
    Magic is definitely a nerd thing, and we've called ourselves nerds plenty of times, but it isn't limited to IT people- our engineering department here has some great Magic and D&D players too. Magic is a great time-waster when you don't have anything else to do. I even just spent $120 on a new dragon deck using all five colors (it's also a major money sink......). My group has also taught a bunch of people how to play, even people outside of the IT and engineering departments, so our group is getting bigger and bigger. As for D&D, I'm not great at acting either, but I can serve as the Dungeon Master pretty well, and that's what I'm planning on doing this upcoming semester- running my own campaign. If you want to get into Dungeons and Dragons, I would recommend that for the first campaign or two, you play as yourself- make a character that fits what you would do if you were a warrior/explorer and do things similar to the way you would do them in real life if you had to fight goblins or orcs or dragons. And then when you get comfortable, start branching off from there. My character last semester was a druid with a few types of magic for healing, summoning, and attacking, and he had a wolf companion with the ability to summon a second wolf and a drake. He used a bow for most of his attacks, and magic or a sword otherwise.

    I think learning a programming language is probably easier than a foreign language, but I don't really know how to compare them because I don't know any foreign languages. I suppose they are similar, in that when learning a foreign language you associate new words with words you already know, while in programming you associate words with tasks or actions. At least, that's how I look at it, but at least in programming you don't have to learn how to pronounce anything......
    Log Horizon doesn't have very many fox-people, unfortunately, and they don't seem to play a major role in the story (at least they haven't yet, halfway through season two, and there are only two seasons) but they are there and a few of them are important side characters. If you've watched Sword Art Online, Log Horizon is somewhat similar.

    I played as Ahri at first and learned the game with her, but I don't feel like she was my best character even if she was my favorite. I loved her abilities, especially her last one (R? I used a custom keybinding so my abilities used different keys than normal) that allowed her to chase people down and her first ability (Q, the Orb) was great too, but I played her as an assassin and I didn't feel like she had enough power to consistently kill someone without dying first. Lux was probably my best character. I played support with her, and she had such an amazing ability to slow and stun people- but the best part was always using her laser to snipe people from off-screen (and I loved doing the same thing with Ashe's giant frost arrow too- especially using her bird scout to see if people were clustered at Dragon or Baron before firing).
    Ninetales is definitely awesome, and all the Japanese lore regarding the nine-tailed fox is great too. Recently I started watching an anime called Log Horizon, and there are fox people in it. There's nothing better than anime with foxes.

    I played League of Legends for a couple months this past fall. I was okay, not great but not terrible either...... it wasn't entirely my kind of game though. I was best with offensive supports like Lux, certain ADCs (Ashe, and to a lesser extent Quinn), and Ahri the nine-tailed fox :p I liked mobile characters, but nobody I played could take damage very well. I think my level was in the low 20s when I stopped.

    I normally play strategy games, both real-time and turn-based. I've also played Eve Online, but that required a monthly subscription so I haven't played in a while. I also briefly started the new Mystery Dungeon last night. My character is Squirtle and my partner is a Cyndaquil. I've barely made it past the intro, though. In addition to those, I've been playing a trading card game called Magic: The Gathering and also roleplaying with Dungeons and Dragons with my college friends as well.

    There are lots of programming languages, and they all do the same things a little differently. There's C, C+, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Perl...... just to name a few. It's rather annoying having so many of them, but then that's why I'm in security and not software development/programming. Building tablets is just like building computers, except with somewhat different and smaller parts. I used a kit that had most of it pre-assembled, and it was a final project for my hardware class.

    Oh, okay. So what's Korean food like?

    No. IT is hard enough as is, and IT jobs make plenty of money and are easy enough to find that I don't need a second major. If I did double major, it would just be in another aspect of IT anyway, most likely programming/software.
    They're the best animal ever. After all, both Eevee and Ninetales are foxes.

    I haven't been playing many Pokemon games recently either, instead I've been getting back into my PC games. The Mystery Dungeon games were always my favorites, though. I don't know when I'll start, it might be today but probably not.

    Well, these past two semesters I've learned basic hardware stuff, built my own tablet, built a basic website for a local company (as a project, so they didn't keep the website), learned the basics of setting up computer networks, and learned three programming languages, one of which I used to create a very basic form of Yahtzee which didn't quite work properly...... but still. It really isn't all that much :p

    I'll already have spent about six years in college by the time I graduate, so I'd really rather not spend a seventh year (and I'm running out of money anyway). I'd still like to go overseas, though. How much English is used in South Korea, or did you already know some Korean before you went there? I would think not knowing the language would make it hard to do things.
    The fox was much bigger than I had expected. Not quite dog-size, but still bigger than most cats. I'm a fox person too :)

    I played about halfway through Alpha Sapphire before I got bored. I just got the new Mystery Dungeon game, but I haven't started it yet.

    The new college is okay. It's a side campus of a larger state college, and some of the professors are terrible at teaching (although a few are pretty good). Next semester I'll be getting my associate's degree in IT and a year from next spring I get my bachelor's degree in information security, so not too much longer! I don't know if I should be considered a superhero, though...... I can't fly or teleport or shoot lasers from my eyes or summon a dragon or anything like that.

    So you're a foreign exchange student? That's awesome! I wish I could leave the country, but I don't have that option here, plus it would only make my time in college even longer than it already has been......
    I just came home from work and found a red fox in my yard. He was eating what appeared to be either a giant rat or a squirrel, and let me go get a flashlight and watch him for a while. He was beautiful.

    But when i went and got a camera to take pictures, he grabbed his dinner and ran off...... so no pictures sadly.
    I'll be getting Alpha Sapphire, since Sapphire was my first Pokemon game. I can't wait for the new Secret Bases! I might actually finish this one...... I haven't finished a Pokemon game since probably Soul Silver, since I instead get bored partway through......

    Well, since we last spoke I've gotten a job at a Walgreens about a mile from my house. The people there are awesome. And I just got an Xbox One, plus I've got Super Smash Brothers 3DS, and this upcoming May I'm moving to go to a third college, which is sort of a technical school where I can learn IT stuff by actually doing it and not sitting through lectures.
    It'll be another several months until they reveal if they are going to make Z or something else, like a Hoenn remake. I haven't gotten either version yet, but hopefully I'll be getting Y today. Originally I wasn't planning on getting either one, but when all of your friends on facebook are talking about how awesome X/Y are it's rather hard to not get one...... :p

    What starters did you pick? You can get one Kalos starter and one Kanto starter, can't you? I was thinking about getting Fennekin and either Squirtle or Charmander.
    Yeah. Ike and Marth. As a Fire Emblem character, Ike was quite tough. Partway through the game he gets Ragnell, a really powerful sword with unlimited durability. And he gets the original Aether move, which is just like Ike's Aether attack is Super Smash Brothers. The Aether attack in Awakening is just a boring two-hit combo. As for Kellam, going by his supports I think when he's wearing his armor it "disappears" too. I think he even sleeps in his armor, too.

    Yeah. Tiki is a little bit stronger in every stat than Nowi at when their levels are equal. Not by much though, considering their age difference. I think Nowi's around 1000 years old, surprisingly. But then her child, Nah, is much stronger than she and Tiki are. And Nah is only like 10 years old! By the way, depending on who the parents are, the children's stats change somewhat. For instance, Nah has a very high Skill stat because Lon'qu was her father and swordsmasters have a very high skill.

    Yeah, kinda. I'm about an hour away from the main campus, maybe slightly farther. Basically, we have a building here that has a fair number of different classes, but there's no cafeteria or housing. It's for convenience.
    Strategy games have always been my thing, although Fire Emblem's style is still rather new to me. This is only me second Fire Emblem game, my first was the second of the two games for the Wii. It was very, very hard and a very long game, with somewhere in the area of 50 chapters. And Ike. If you've played Super Smash Brothers, then you probably know Ike pretty well. I always end up training my archers and other ranged units more than anyone else...... that way they can survive an attack or two if I accidentally leave a hole in my defenses. Although, I really like Kellam too. He's a giant, moving, impenetrable wall that all the other characters seem to ignore. Some of his support conversations are pretty funny because he seems to just disappear. Although how anyone with that much armor can disappear is beyond me.

    Leafeon dragons and Flareon dragons...... they might as well just add Leafeon and Flareon. That would be interesting. Well, kinda, since they can't use any weapons...... the other Fire Emblem game I mentioned is Japanese only as far as I know. Unless Shadow Dragon happens to be the remade version of it...... I'm not really sure. Tiki is supposedly 3000 years oldt. She was alive for 1000 years before the first Fire Emblem game when she met Marth, then after that war she went to sleep for 2000 years and is now awake during Chrom's time period. Or something like that. It's on the Fire Emblem wikia somewhere.

    It could be considered lucky, but sitting in Government for on Mondays and Macroeconomics on Tuesdays for almost 3 hours each kinda takes some of the fun out of it. I have 13 credit hours this semester, because I'm at a side campus right now and not all the classes I need to take are offered here (and another that I really needed was full) :(
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