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  • Yeah. I'm just messing around with recruiting all the extra characters and leveling my group up, because I've only got one more main chapter and the endgame left (there are 25 chapters total, plus the endgame chapter). I've never had a problem with money, but I don't use the Forge to change my weapons much either, so I've got at least 30,000 gold. The random Risen battles have a difficulty that varies based on their location, by the way- the later the location is unlocked, the stronger they are, and the more money they will drop.

    No, she just looks like...... a dragon. Unfortunately, Nah is one of the last children you can recruit, if not the last one. I paired Nowi up with Lon'qu, so my version of Nah has amazing stats and the Astra ability (which gives you five hits at half damage, which sounds like not very much but you have a chance for a critical or for your partner to assist with every strike so it is an amazing ability- normally only available to swordmasters). And the paralogue where she is recruited is also one of the more difficult ones, considering how late it is unlocked. I believe it is unlocked after Chapter 13 when Nowi has an S-rank support with someone. By comparison, only Tiki (the third manakete) is unlocked later, at Chapter 18. Tiki is only slightly better than Nowi, although she comes with a more powerful Dragonstone that makes her even better. She also was apparently in one or two earlier Fire Emblem games, which happened 1000 years before Awakening did.

    My semester started on the 12th, lol, so this is my third week of classes. But since one of my classes is online, I have two classes on Monday and one each Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing Thursday or Friday :)
    Yes, you do. At least, you can recruit one (and maybe a second one late), about halfway through the story. They're called Wyvern Riders, and with a master seal you can make them wyvern lords. There is also a class called a Griffon Rider, which you can only get through a class change with a second seal. The main wyvern rider is Cherche and her dragon's name is Minerva. As for money, every once in a while when fighting you'll find an item called Bullion. There are three sizes, S, M, and L, and their only purpose is to be sold for money. I believe S is worth 1000, M is 5000 and L is 10000. The Bullion S's are easily find singly or in pairs whenever you have those random battles with the Risen. And Mt stands for Might, which is the weapon's base power.

    Lon'qu is definitely an interesting character, especailly when you pair him with Nowi like I did. I think Nowi is my favorite character, followed by Sumia and then Lon'qu. If you haven't found Nowi yet, she's the first of the three manakete-dragon-shapeshifters you can recruit. I just recruited the third of the manaketes (Nowi's daughter from the future, Nah) last night, and it turns out that unlike Nowi and Tiki, she doesn't look like a cross between a Leafeon and a dragon, because Nah is red-colored.

    That might be it. Safari isn't one of the most used browsers, so there might be a few problems using it. Nothing like Internet Explorer, though.
    There are three dragons in the game, two of whom you get very late through side stories and one of whom you get fairly early. They're called Manaketes in this Fire Emblem, because they have a human form and they seal their powers into a dragon stone to keep them from going mad (or something like that...... that storyline was a previous game in the same setting, a thousand years before Awakening). And yes, any male and female character who reaches an S-ranked support will get married and eventually a side story will open up for you to recruit their children. I kinda like having all the cutscenes, it makes the story more interesting. If you want to skip them, you can press Down and A at the same time to fast-forward through them. Anyway, besides the main character (the Avatar), who are your favorite characters so far?

    Yeah, it gave me quite a scare......

    No, my messages are fine. Maybe its your internet browser? I use Chrome.
    Yeah, about that...... as it turns out, the exam wasn't due Sunday, it was due Friday. I figured that out on Saturday, so I had to email my professor. Luckily he was nice enough to reopen the exam briefly for me and I managed to take it on Monday. But that was a stressful exam, lol...... on the bright side, I did manage an A in both my summer classes :p

    Fire Emblem is a strategy game. You have control over a small number (usually less than 12) of characters who you use to fight enemies, and certain weapons have advantages over other weapons. However if one of your characters dies, they are dead forever and can't be used in future battles (although in Awakening there is a game mode where they are just dead for the battle, but that's way too easy). Characters who battle adjacent to each other all the time will gain support levels with each other, and eventually you can even marry your male and female characters and use their children in future battles. Its quite an interesting series. Oh, and you have human-dragon shapeshifters, whose dragon form looks like a dragon crossed with a Leafeon. Seriously. They're tan with green leaves and green spots on their wings.
    They weren't real hard. Accounting 1 and Business Statistics. Going in to the semester I thought the former would be very easy while the latter would be quite hard, but it turned out to be the opposite. Classes ended last Monday, and the two final exams were online with one due yesterday and the other due this upcoming Sunday. With a little luck I might have managed a 90% in both classes.

    Eh, it's fine. I haven't been working this summer, finding a job around here right now is very difficult so I haven't really been bothering to look for one. I recently got the newest Fire Emblem game (Awakening) for my 3DS. Fire Emblem is awesome, and relatively challenging. I don't have many Zelda games though...... Twilight Princess on the Wii and Spirit Tracks on the DS. I never even finished either of them, lol.
    Yeah, probably. I love it when various characters get surprised and their voice gets high-pitched and squeaky.

    Yeah, they're something I've studied since I was, like, six years old or so. There's a lot more that i don't know, though, and probably won't be learning anytime soon.

    It's more time than you think, actually. Enough time to find a safe place to hide most of the time. Sometimes the warning can go as far as 30 minutes in advance, but that's not real common and its usually for squall lines that produce very weak and short-lived tornadoes.

    I'm not really planning on working this summer anymore. I've got two summer classes four days a week to worry about anyway.
    Lol, I've watched enough anime that I can sometimes understand what the characters are saying to a certain extent...... but if you stuck me in a room with a couple people speaking Japanese, I probably wouldn't be able to understand a word they are saying. My memory is weird like that......

    Oh yes. I am a bird lover, so it is only natural that I talk like the birds. Squawk~

    Yeah, only a tiny 1% are rated really high. Out of an average of 1000 tornadoes per year, there's only a single EF5, and oftentimes there isn't even one at all. And then you usually have in the area of 5-20 or so EF4s. But yeah, Kansas and Texas get more tornadoes than Oklahoma does, and so do the states in Dixie Alley- Mississippi and Alabama, and parts of Georgia. Dixie Alley is lesser known than Tornado Alley but it gets just as much tornadic attention from Mother Nature...... although most of the EF5s have been here in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

    Well, they all have their ups and downs...... Lightning, for instance, has a terrifically small chance of striking any given location, but if you get struck by lightning you have a much higher chance of permanent injury or death than if you are in a house struck by a tornado, even a strong tornado. And really big hail is absol-utely (hehe Absol...... I'm a weirdo) terrifying...... but yeah, tornadoes have to be the worst, if only because you only have a 10-15 minutes warning ahead of time and you don't even know if the warned storm will actually drop a tornado. Plus, a tornado can throw cars, and other kinds of severe weather usually can't do that......

    I've searched at three different times this past semester and haven't managed to find a job yet. I hate job searching.
    They're great, if you have a bunch of time to waste and don't mind watching stuff with English subtitles. Of course, you're taking Japanese so maybe you don't even need the subtitles :p

    My favorite word is simply "Squawk." It is the answer to almost every possible question.

    A lot of storms that have enough rotation to cause a tornado warning don't actually drop a tornado, and a fairly significant portion (maybe as high as 75%) of those who do spawn tornadoes spawn very weak and small ones, ranked EF0 or EF1 on the ranking scale. The remaining quarter of tornadoes would be strong enough to do significant damage, but they're still ranked only EF2 or EF3. Only 1% of all tornadoes created are ranked at the top of the scale, EF4 or EF5 (average of one per year), and yet Moore has been struck by two of each since 1999 with no strikes from anything weaker. Oklahoma does sit in tornado alley, but we don't get all that many tornadoes surprisingly. We aren't even in the top five, although Kansas and Texas are both tornado-heavy. We do get a fair portion of the stronger tornadoes, though.

    Yeah, we were warned the same day Moore was struck. Second strongest tornado of the day was about 15 miles south of here. It was big, but it didn't damage anything other than trees. Last year while I was at college a tornado struck. It did minor damage and was rated EF0, but it still tore a giant tree out of the ground. The tree was at least six feet wide, if not eight feet. It was huge.
    Split into two posts because of length (second half of post)

    Sigh...... well, everyone does have their favorite words and phrases.

    Yeah, Moore got struck again. This would be their fifth tornado since 1998 and their fourth large one since then. They had a weak tornado in 1998, then they got struck by the strongest tornado ever recorded in 1999 and took horrific damage, and then again with a strong tornado in 2003 that did a lot of damage, and again in 2010 with lesser damage (although it was still a very strong tornado) and now again in 2013 for the worst damage so far. Five schools, the hospital, the movie theater, and the water treatment plant were all struck, with two schools destroyed while classes were in session. And the movie theater...... it sits right on the interstate (I-35) and I've been there to see movies. That place was awesome...... but I saw pictures of it, and half the front of the building was torn away. So sad...... but at least the death toll was revised to 24. Bad, but much better than the 51 previously stated.

    I live three hours away from Moore, luckily. However, the college I was at last semester is only five miles south in the city of Norman, so I know a lot of people who were affected by the tornado. Even still, I had a separate and also large tornado in my general area yesterday. It was about ten or fifteen miles south of here...... but it only did minor damage because it didn't hit anything.
    Split into two posts because of length (first of two)

    Well...... Jolteon may or may not be okay. Glaceon would look weird for a guy because of the long bangs, and a guy wearing a Flareon cosplay...... I just can't imagine it. Can't really imagine a guy wearing an Espeon cosplay either. I think the only ones I'd consider wearing are Umbreon, Vaporeon, and maybe Jolteon or Leafeon.

    Naruto is terribly slow. I've looked at a couple of the latest manga issues online but I haven't done much actual manga reading. As for Railgun, it's a side spinoff of To Aru Majutsu no Index (Project Index or A Certain Magical Index in English). Index is about a fictional city in Japan called Academy City which is near Tokyo, and the technology there is ~20 years ahead of the rest of the world. The students there are in a "power development curriculum" which allows most people to develop psychic powers known as Esper powers, leading to the people there being called Espers. The storyline is about the problems between the Espers and Academy City known as the "Science Side," and religion, who has developed magic. The main character is a Level 0 Esper (very weak, level 5 is the strongest) named Touma Kamijo whose power happens to be the ability to negate all other esper and magic powers that touch his right hand. There are two seasons of Index, with the first one subbed and dubbed and the second only subbed. The Railgun side story (A Certain Scientific Railgun in english) is also two seasons, the first one subbed and dubbed and the second only subbed and unfinished, with episodes coming out on Sundays. It follows a Level 5 Esper named Mikoto Misaka, whose Esper power is the control of electricity and magnetism. She is nicknamed the "Railgun" because she can create a railgun using her powers and a coin. These two animes are my all-time favorites :p

    Awesome! I don't think you need to do much better than average for a foreign language if you aren't majoring in that language.
    Well, all the costumes for the evolutions other than Umbreon look somewhat girly (some more than others...... except maybe not Vaporeon, I can't remember). It would look really weird for me to cosplay as a Glaceon or a Flareon especially.

    I've heard about Virgil, and I've been meaning to go and watch the episodes with him in it...... I just haven't gotten around to doing it. I'm already keeping up with two other animes (Naruto and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun- a Japanese subbed-only anime that translates roughly to A Certain Scientific Railgun). Keeping up with a third probably isn't necessary......

    It sounds interesting, at the very least. Eventually I'll be working towards a degree in...... I can't remember what it was called (lol), but I'll have a focus on computer network administration. I don't know why accounting is required for that, but whatever.

    I've had exams and finals like that. It sucked, to say the least. I'm sure you'll do better on your other finals though!

    Hmm, your emails are even latter than mine are...... I have no idea how those sayings came into existence. I've never used either of them myself.
    Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was a black hoodie with front pockets that had yellow rings on them, and attached to the hood were two Umbreon ears, plus there was an Umbreon tail attached to the base of the jacket. It was awesome. There was also one for all the other evolutions, but in most cases it would look kinda weird for a guy to be wearing them......

    Same here, for the most part. I know a few of the Unova residents, such as the birds and Purrloin/Liepard, but most of them are unknown to me. I watched about half of the Sinnoh anime, mostly just for three or four episodes that all involved Eeveelutions. There was May's Glaceon and the awesomeness involved with that, Zoey had the best Leafeon in the world since it could fly, and then there was that evil girl Ursala and her Vaporeon and Flareon...... and the Darkrai and Latios during the Sinnoh League were cool too.

    Yeah. I'm going to take accounting and business statistics over the summer to see how much I like them and get them out of the way. I don't think accounting will be hard at all, but I'm not too sure about statistics.

    Ah yes. The dreaded finals week. I'm sure you're going to have loads of fun this week :p

    Really? So it isn't just my computer then...... all of my emails from Serebii over the past year or so have come a month or two late.
    I don't want to travel all the way to New York, but I would like to go to the one in Texas sometime. Last year I almost bought myself an Umbreon cosplay hoodie with a tail and ears (ended up not buying it because of the price tag...... $140 or something like that). I was thinking about wearing it occasionally on campus and seeing how people reacted.

    Awesome. Can't wait!

    I wouldn't say the newer generations are completely terrible...... the fourth generation is my favorite generation, with Leafeon, Glaceon, and Staraptor, and I just plain loved Sinnoh. The fifth generation had a couple of cool Pokemon, like Braviary or Liepard...... I also couldn't believe they evolved May's Eevee into a Glaceon. I haven't been watching the Unova anime, though.

    Yeah...... I need to figure out what I'm going to do about summer school. I might try something without a lot of calculus but still with math, like accounting or statistics, at a local college here.
    There are lots of much smaller anime/gaming conventions all over the country, but I don't know which ones would be worth going to or where any of them are. I don't even know all that much about the big ones...... I just know the one in Texas is one of the biggest in the country, if not the biggest.

    I haven't ever read the Pokemon manga (or any other manga, lol) but I know a little bit about some of the characters, like Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, etc. If it turns out okay then I want to see the animation :p

    They ran out of ideas making the fifth generation. The sixth generation is going to be really weird. And I have no clue what they're doing with Mewthree, except that it's some new "awakened" form of Mewtwo and it has something to do with the Genesect movie.
    Oh, really? I guess I don't actually know anything about animation...... :/

    Yeah, I know. Defeats the point of leveling up for me too, especially when you don't even have all your stats increase after every level.

    Aww, really? I have a little Eevee doll too. And Vaporeon and Jolteon as well. Found them at an anime store towards the end of my freshman year and couldn't resist buying them. Then over the summer I had a friend who went to A-Kon in Dallas, Texas, and she got me a bunch of Eeveelution pins and an awesome poster. Those conventions are awesome. I hope to go to one sometime, but there aren't any near me.
    The general style used by lots of anime (Naruto for example), which I assume is 3D. I'll probably look around. I know of a basic way to make 2D animations for things like sprites or avatars using Paint, but that's not really what I have in mind.

    Overall though, I think I like PMD Explorers of Sky better though, partly because I already have all 7 Eeveelutions at a 5-star-plus IQ and at level 60 or higher. I don't like the Black/White 2 system of leveling, which is used in PMD Gates to Infinity. It's too...... basic. All the moves are learned too fast for most Pokemon, leaving you little reason to go past level 40 or 50 except for stats......
    I suppose that's true. I don't know what to buy though, and I don't have much money to use to buy such a software either. It's probably pretty expensive.

    Yep, Espeon and Umbreon are automatic recruits. Their part of the story, when you find them and help them out and they join the team, was especially awesome. Unfortunantly though, they are unavailable for all of the major storyline points afterwards except for one...... You always get to control everyone on your team except for them, because they seem to prefer being together and without anyone else. They're very fast at exploring, too...... and if anyone in the story was more important to saving the world than the leader/partner, it would be those two. They're awesome. If you ever get a 3DS (or if you already have one) you have to get this game.
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