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  • I've been trying to get myself to start drawing again and teach myself, but it hasn't really worked out so far. I've also looked at taking animation classes, but there are none around here and there aren't many online either. Short Eevee Elite animations would be awesome...... I have so many ideas I could make an entire anime out of them.

    It only came out about a week and a half ago, and it's really only one Eeveelution mission on the notice board a day (out of 20 possible missions). But still. That's too many. The game itself is okay, not quite as awesome as PMD Sky but it has a lot of awesome changes, like move ranks, no more hunger, and unlimited-use TMs. And Espeon and Umbreon are automatic recruits! (but getting more Eevees appears to be very hard).
    Oooh okay. So it's like a computer class, a film class, and an animations class combined...... that's awesome. I wish my college had something like that! I'd love to learn how to make short animated Eeveelution videos.

    Yeah, that's the only problem...... maybe Slyveon is only for the wealthiest people or something. Or maybe the sixth generation has seen a massive increase in Eevee populations?
    Which speaking of the massive increase in Eevee populations, that's kinda what seems to have happened in the new Mystery Dungeon game (Gates to Infinity). There are lots of Eeveelutions who are giving out missions wanting help or wanting to challenge you or who are evil and need to be taken down.
    But what is the class itself about? Art in the media?

    Definitely a cross between Delcatty and Eevee. I can see one being the Delcatty of the sixth generation...... the one Pokemn all the rich Lady trainers want, just like Skitty/Delcatty seemed to be way back in the third generation and Buneary/Lopunny in the fourth generation. It would make sense to me if Sylveon had the Cute Charm ability, too.
    We spent that over the course of a couple weeks, at multiple visits to Target and other local stores. But yeah, it's a lot of money to spend on a lot of sticky notes. I don't know if we will hit someone else's room again this year or not yet...... but I'll be sure to throw the idea out.

    Some computers appear to hold random grudges against random people for random reasons. I've always found it funny because I've never had problems like that :p
    What exactly do you do in a media arts class?

    Lol, it's definitely an Eeveelution, it showed up on CoroCoro on a page with Eevee and all the other evolutions and it evolves straight from Eevee (would have been cool if it had evolved from another Eeveelution, but that day hasn't come yet unfortunantly). I'm hoping it will be flying or maybe a dual-type, but regardless, I will treat it with love because it is an Eeveelution. Just maybe not as much love as the others......
    Yeah :p My RA's initial reaction was the best. "Dear god!" We've used it to make fun of him on occasion, or if something really surprising and totally unexpected comes up.

    Well, we bought 7000ish sticky notes and used a third of them, or something like that. I can't remember how much it cost, but...... probably not as much as you think. Maybe $100, and with the leftovers we have plenty of sticky notes left to strike someone else's room this upcoming April Fools Day.

    My RA's name is Elliot, and he was at work when we did this. Nick (the guy who leaves a message for Elliot at the beginning) got us in by asking to use Elliot's PS3, and we proceeded to deck out as much of the room as we could with sticky notes in two hours. When we left, we planted a hidden video camera, and then went and visited him at work (he works at Taco Bell and we were all hungry...... he got suspicious at that point but was still totally unprepared for what was coming). He couldn't find his own camera, so he used the one we hid in the room to document all of the sticky notes we had placed. It was epic.
    Well, there are those who fly by levitation or something like that...... like Rayquaza. Rayquaza flies without using wings...... and Shaymin's Sky Form too. But they're legendaries, they're special. Sylveon is...... Sylveon. No one really knows what kind of type it's going to be yet, it's all rumors. As for Fly, well, Pidgey is much smaller than Sylveon and it learns fly, so......

    Yeah...... and all these budget fails the government is having aren't helping much.

    Okay. I'll go try and find it. :p
    Dragon would be odd, since they aren't real effective against non-dragons (and Glaceon would totally own any dragon Eeveelution). Flying would be cool. I wouldn't mind a Steel or Ground Eeveelution either, and Poision might be interesting as well. Of course, Flying is my favorite type...... but I'm not as big of a fan of something flying without using wings, and Sylveon has no wings......

    Yeah. It gets kinda old after a couple months of it though...... especially since I can't find a job.

    Awesome! I was good friends with my RA during my freshman year. That paid off quite well when me and three other people got access to his room while he was working, and proceeded to cover it in sticky notes for April Fools Day. He thought it was an awesome prank, especially considering how much planning we did to pull it off. We even video taped it with a hidden camera, the video is on youtube somewhere! I can look for it if you want to see it. I never really wanted to be an RA, but if someone told me it was the only job I could get I wouldn't complain :p
    Well, having a normal type with Eeveelution stats wouldn't be all that bad, especially if it majors in special attack. With the 130 base special attack, full special attack EVs, and a Normal Gem, Hyper Beam would do an astronomical amount of damage :p (the other way around with Attack and Giga Impact would work too). I've also heard plenty about it being a flying type, because its English name Sylveon is a lot like "Sylph" which is some kind of fantasy flying creature.

    Wow. People are...... wierd.

    Thanks! I just spent my day at home with my family, lol. I hope your day was good too!
    Hmm. True. They're pretty big too, so you couldn't really hide one...... I guess a teleportation device would be better.

    I guess Ninfia just doesn't fit well with my whole Eevee Elite idea, because she doesn't look like someone who would fight much. But having a new Eeveelution is still cool. I've talked with a few friends and the current theory about her type and how she evolves is that she is Normal or possibly a brand-new type (unlikely though), and that it may be only females that can evolve into her, although I don't know what item or location she needs to evolve. At least this confirms there will be Eevees in the sixth generation!
    Or a portal gun. One of those would be quite useful too.

    I have trouble getting to sleep most of the time. It can sometimes take me two hours or more to fall asleep.

    From what they said, it seemed like a pretty nice place. A bit too cold for me, but it's probably quite nice during the summer.

    That sucks. I might be getting sick too, I've had a headache off and on the past couple days. Being sick sucks, feel better soon!.
    Or you could invent a teleporter and send yourself and the printer to wherever you need to go. Although you'd still have to carry the printer, at least it wouldn't be for very far :p

    I usually go to bed sometime between 1am and 1:30. I can't stay up much later than 2, and if I go to bed before midnight I usually can't sleep. My body is odd......

    They said it was cold and snowy during the winter in Norway. Apparently one of their parents was an alumni of our college, so that's why they're going to be here all four+ years.
    True. It's still pretty wierd though. I've always hated writing papers, but I generally do pretty well at writing them. Although I suck at essays on exams......

    Yeah...... it was pretty cute. And funny.

    Well...... that might be a problem. You could try and find someone else to carry it for you.

    Maybe. Either way there are problems. But the internet is just so awesome...... (of course I generally stay up after the internet turns off anyway)

    I like hearing about their home countries. It's interesting how much different other countries can be. Last year there was a pair of Norweigian students who lived on my hall. They weren't exactly foreign exchange students since they are going to be getting their degrees here (something biology related) and thus staying here for all 4 years, but regardless they were awesome. One time myself and another hallmate spent 5 or 10 minutes trying to figure out what animal they were talking about, because they knew the Norweigian name of the animal but not the English name. It ended up being the buffalo.
    I'm usually pretty fast at taking tests, so timed ones don't bother me any. I've always hated essay tests though, and short answer tests are also much harder than just multiple choice ones. Some classes are just easy for me, while others have really hard tests...... for instance even though I've never much cared for my English classes they've always been easy, whereas my chemistry class a year ago was really hard even though I love chemistry and took it all through high school.

    Lol, I think he usually had it as a fairy.

    Oh. Hmm. I always hated being tied up by the bus schedules. They go to almost all the major stores around campus, but I just hate how some of them are only there once per hour while others are once every 30 minutes. I never could remember which ones were which, so I usually found a friend to drive me places.

    Lucky? I think having my internet turn off is a bad thing...... I wish it would at least stay on until 1am or 1:30am.

    Awesome! Foreign exchange students are great. My high school got a couple of them every year. My senior year, there was a foreign exchange student from Guatamala who lived just down the street and rode the bus to school with me.
    She was okay. She just wasn't as awesome as Ziva. I saw Ziva first too, so maybe that does have an impact on what I think of Kate...... my roommate also prefers Ziva, but my mom prefers Kate for some reason......

    I always hated dissecting, and I never really liked learning about what goes on inside our bodies or the bodies of other animals either. Plus I didn't care for the teacher much. I haven't been able to take physics yet either, but from what I've seen of it, it is hard but awesome in its own little way. I haven't taken astronomy or astrology...... let me know what they're like!

    In the end I only got $3750 of the scholarship, maybe even just $2500. And hey, a $6000 scholarship is still really great. Most people get $500 or $1000 ones, if they get one at all. I didn't study for my ACT or take any of the prep classes, I'm just a good test-taker. Or was a good test-taker in high school, not so much anymore......

    Yeah. He also had this wierd music remixxing program, which let him create various kinds of simple musical songs (none with words though). And then it had this little avatar icon on screen that you could have dance to the music. It was kinda funny.

    If it has a warranty, repairs should be free, shouldn't they? I thought that's what warranties were for?

    4am? The timestamp for my time zone says it's 5am :p I prettymuch never stay up past 2am. Here at home my internet turns off at 12:30am, so that helps keep me from staying up late too.
    She's awesome. I've watched a few of the early episodes with Kate instead of Ziva, but I didn't like her as much. She's not as funny or as reckless.

    Through most of grade school sciences and math classes were my life. Math not so much anymore. but I still love sciences. Chemistry is hard but fun, geology is really interesting, meteorology is awesome, physics is cool...... although biology was my most-hated class of all time.

    Yeah, something like that. Out-of-state tuition is quite a bit higher, but in some cases it was still cheaper for a Texas or Kansas student to come to Oklahoma than to go to a college within their own state (in particular the Unviersity of Texas is expensive). My freshman year I had a roommate from Las Vegas, and last semester I lived with three other people, didn't really know two of them but the third was a fellow meteorology student from Arizona. Plus, I had a $10,000 scholarship for a very high ACT score ($1250 a semester off of tuition for 8 semesters), although I only managed to get part of the scholarship before my grades dropped and I lost it.

    I didn't know where any of our media labs were, but my high school had the full Adobe CS4 set of programs on almost every computer in the building. It was pretty cool. I didn't use them much, but one of my friends used a few of the programs a ton, I can't remember which ones...... he loved art and drawing.

    Yeah...... I think my high school class was just cursed.

    Hmm. I don't know how to help. I'm usually good at fixing things, but it's hard to fix something that's a thousand miles away. Maybe you should just go look for a cheap printer to buy and replace it?
    I like Gibbs the most, followed by...... hmm...... a tie between McGee and Ziva, and then all the others in some random order depending on the episode. I think having an Israeli ex-special agent on the team is awesome.

    I'd prefer to go into some kind of science field to work in, although I'm not really sure what my plans for the rest of my life are anymore. I do intend on going back to college, hopefully next fall but maybe not.

    Well, they're half-apartment things run by the school. And now that I think about it they're slightly more expensive, by like $200 or something, not much considering how much a semester costs as a whole...... luckily, my college is one of the cheaper ones in our football division. But it's still really expensive, in the area of $17,000 a year.

    Maybe. I don't have any of the drawing programs though, apart from Paint.

    Yeah. In addition to him I've known 5 other people who have died since my sophomore year of high school. One of them was a grandparent, all the others were students of my graduating class who had various misfortunes fall upon them.

    Hmm. Have you tried turning it off and unplugging it to see if it will reset itself? Other than that, maybe deleting and reloading the printer software that was installed on your computer when you first connected to the printer might help.
    Yes, yes we are. We are every mother's worst nightmare :p

    Gibbs is the best. My second favorite would probably be Ziva, because of all the funny stuff she gets wrong in translation from Israeli to English (even better when she gets the translation right and Tony misleads her). And I just sent my roommate a message letting him know he got more awesomeness points.

    If only there was a way to skip college and go straight to working in all the cool fields of work...... I would definitely do it.

    Computer programming is a hard class...... I didn't like it much. Although when I took it a year ago I had to walk all the way across campus early in the morning to get to it, and that didn't help much. The dorms are also somewhat cheaper than an apartment...... but you can't always pick who you live with. I was living in a cross between the two, a barely-on-campus apartment for upperclass students (which in our case meant everyone but freshman). It was about the same cost as a regular apartment, maybe a little cheaper, but closer to classes.

    Cool! I've got nothing to do right now, trying to find a job...... I always hated art classes, but I've always wanted to know how to draw. I'd probably end up drawing lots of Eeveelutions in awesome fight scenes if I could. And if I could animate, I'd make a whole Eeveelution anime! ...... but that's probably not going to happen.

    Hmm...... that sucks. I had a friend at our rival college (Oklahoma State...... those evil people) who died over christmas break last year. He fell and hit his head on something, or something like that...... it was very sudden.
    Lol, you're probably right. Nature must have told us not to do anything stupid. Well, we sure showed nature, creating stuff like nuclear bombs that could wipe out all the life on the planet! :p

    I know, right? I hardly have the motivation to do anything anymore, apart from watch NCIS on tv. My roommate last semester introduced me to that show, it's great.

    I should probably do some exercising myself...... but it's never interested me much. I'd rather find a job, but of course that's rather difficult right now......

    You don't start for another week? My semester would have started last week. I would have had to bike all the way from south of campus to the northernmost building to retake a class (computer programming) and try to rebuld my gpa. On the bright side, if I take it next fall instead the class is held in a much more accessible area of campus :)
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