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Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2019
Apr 24, 2008
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Amemoth Fan :D, from Maryland

Eeveemaster was last seen:
Jun 13, 2019
    1. Sietse23
      If you can battle me now thatd be nice, ive got to go to school soon
    2. Sietse23
      My fc is in my sig/ in the about me page.
      No ubers 6v6 right?
    3. Flame Haji
      Flame Haji
      I am from Encinitas :P

      I feel like the pokemon are going to be in the same location since its a remake. But you can never be sure. I am sure Poochyena is a early one though as the pokedex picture shows him as number 10 or something.
    4. piemaster924000
      XD YEAH IM REFERRING TO THAT sorry for caps im to lazy to fix it XD but bug/water is awesome tho
    5. Flame Haji
      Flame Haji
      I love Poochyena and Mightyena, just like Poochyena a bit more :P.

      Poochyena is replacing my starter in my AS team.
    6. jesusranchjohn
      Do you perchance have a HA Heracross? I'm not bothered about gender, IVs, nature etc :)
    7. whodaname
      no thanks I already have one. right now im looking for HA Larvitar HA Horsea and any shines right off the top of my head
    8. fusilli_josh
      Oh, I don't know how this visitor message works exactly so I thought you weren't interested. I do not have BW2 though :(

      That's all you want because I have no way of doing this?
    9. Yurippe
      No, sorry - I'm actually looking for a Hyper Voice Eevee myself, so...
    10. jesusranchjohn
      I can get another one easily enough for you :) What are ya offering?
    11. fusilli_josh
      Interested in extreme speed zigzagoon. Looking for anything in particular?
    12. Squirtle_Master
      Thank you! I appreciate this.
    13. Squirtle_Master
      I'm online now
    14. Squirtle_Master
      Ohhhh I replied on my page instead. I am use to Private Messages. My mistake! I'm interested and I'll be on all night. I have you added.
    15. Squirtle_Master
      Thanks you! I'm going to add you. My Friend Code is 2707-3037-9283.
    16. Squirtle_Master
      You do? What would you like for one?
    17. TTE
      Done already, thanks anyway tho :)
    18. TTE
      Ready when u are.
    19. xDoN904™
      Yeah even then your Faves was pretty damn solid since its been a while since i had an intense match like that. Yeah Rotom can be a pain to deal with. Though usually i can beat them fairly easy if my check for it hasn't been knocked out.

      No problem yeah Eviloite Natural Cure Chansey is annoyingly better. Plus i was glad i bred one instead of sticking with Serene Grace since my SG Flamethrower Blissey kinda suck plus if it gets toxic its done.
    20. xDoN904™
      Swampert is great in the right situations heck i made several randoms ragequit when i was on the setup phase, but its pretty much a slow sitting duck if it gets burned. So far my Hydregion and Rotom Wash has been in my battle box team for a while especially Rotom. I tend to rotate the other 4 every now and then.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Short, Tan & Hideous

    Eating Honey


    Mega Masquerain[Bug/Water]with Prankster


    That's it I'm demanding Freeze Dry Masquerain​