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Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2019
Apr 24, 2008
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Amemoth Fan :D, from Maryland

Eeveemaster was last seen:
Jun 13, 2019
    1. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Yeah, I do. You'd have to add my Diamond FC though.
    2. iColorfulEevee
      No problem! Hopefully I'll get on over the three day weekend! ;3
    3. VertigoVaporeon
      I'm good; how 'bout you? :3
    4. VertigoVaporeon
      Hello fellow Eeveelution breeder! :D
    5. iColorfulEevee
      Yup yup, so I told him that if he needs anymore Eevees, I'll give them to him for free, except that I want the Vaporeon nicknamed Strawberry. xD

      Actually, I don't have an extra one, sorry! I must've traded my extra with somebody else. When I do get another Timid Female, I'll tell you, k? =3
    6. Aieny
      sorry i didn't talk to you...
      i didn't have much time to play unfortunately... ;_;
      If your still looking in the weekend i'll be more then happy to give you that solerock "^^
    7. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Doesn't seem worth EV training to me to be honest >.> I doubt it could hold its own in OU battles or even UU for that matter. O_o
    8. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Haha, alright. Thanks :P I noticed it had some egg moves O_O

      I was going to keep it anyway xD since it seems to have hatched on my birthday last year O_o
    9. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      See you there then.
    10. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      I have a few.

      Can you trade now?
    11. iColorfulEevee
      I didn't even ask this dude for a shiny since I was just trading my Egg Move Eevee for his egg move forretress, when he wanted to trade me a shiny empoleon (evd) and a shiny vaporeon, and I'm all like, YAAAAAAAY!!! xD

      I probably do, and if I don't I'll hatch one for you. <3
    12. iColorfulEevee
      Oh oki, I'm lucky if I even hatch a Male Bold, I only have one, with its highest IV in Attack..... >,< Luckily for me, I just got a Shiny Bold Untouched Vaporeon with great IVs over trade!!

      Maybe maybe maaaaayyyybeeeeee I have an extra one, I'm not sure... I'll check tomorrow errrr something like that...
    13. iColorfulEevee
      Really? Cool! ^^

      Thanks! Do you happen to have a Bold Female Eevee? I don't really care for Ivs, egg moves, etc, I just need it to pass down the nature....
    14. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Well after checking, unfortunately none of my Modest Eevees HPs are Fighting. However one of my Adamant Eevees HP is Fighting, that same Eevee happens to be shiny.

      I don't know, I have some stuff to do around the house, whenever I get done I guess.

      EV training can be a pain in the *** =/ and no, not yet. I go back next week :P
    15. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      I'm not sure what my Eevee's HPs are. I'll have to check later. I can trade later today. By the way, I don't really need anything, you can have the Solrock.
    16. SuperMango
      offcors dude...
      My Eevee want a new owners.. ;)
      I need shinies
    17. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Whenever you're ready.
    18. LilPrinnyDood
      yup i thought u left X_X
    19. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      I'm good on eggmove pokemon right now :P

      I won't take anything for the Solrock, I said I I'd give you one :P

      I managed to get my hands on a shiny adamant Swablu :P I'm in the process of EVing it and trying to build a team with it :P
    20. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Patience is the key :) We'll get stuff sorted out in due time. About Stone Edge, I have a trade for it going on at the moment and don't want to leave the other guy hanging you know? :P but thanks for looking out :) Same guy is trading me a TRU Dragonite :P

      Anything you need?

      Oh that's right, I owe you a Solrock! I'm sorry! I completely forgot, yeah I have one :P
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Short, Tan & Hideous

    Eating Honey


    Mega Masquerain[Bug/Water]with Prankster


    That's it I'm demanding Freeze Dry Masquerain​