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Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2019
Apr 24, 2008
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Amemoth Fan :D, from Maryland

Eeveemaster was last seen:
Jun 13, 2019
    1. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      An R4 is an emulator of sorts for your DS or DSi :P


      I know what you mean about finding a job without a car x_x Especially in a small town when you usually have to go out of town to find anything.

      Anyway, I do have some spare Lucky Eggs :P
    2. Aieny
      damn it i cant migrate anymore today....
      it'll have to wait...
      i'll let you know what's up tomorrow :)
    3. Aieny
      haha don't worry about it.
      i'll give you solrock any ways :)
      i'll just get it from my emerald :P
      10 min k?
    4. Aieny
      yea i wish my posts were answered that fast lol

      ammmm i need stone edge, flash canon and t-wave tm's
      i also need belts and stuff...you have any??
    5. Aieny
      i have a solrock :)
      what are you offering??
    6. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Haha no, I can use my R4 to get one or both, but I'm looking the other way to try and fully enjoy the English versions, you know? :P

      Good luck with the job/job hunting :P
    7. Frank The Bunny
      Frank The Bunny
      Haha, I've gotten quite a few events since we last talked too :P Heart Gold is where it's at by the way ;)

      Anyway, I'm alright, enjoying my last two weeks off before I go back to school x_x

      What have you been up to?
    8. Brow
      Ok. any way you :)
    9. Brow
      Hello. I see that your bean looking for modest or timid female Eevee. Yesterday i got one when i were breeding . If you want to trade for it Pm me what you have to offer :)
    10. Selenim
      Right now it's about 10:30 pm to be precise :)

      But yes I might be connected tomorrow so we can speak then !!

      Have a nice day, take care too and see you !! :)
    11. Selenim
      Yes I own them still, though the Silver mysteriously disappeared (surely behind a shelf or something :p)...
      I still play once in a while, at least the Crystal version (my absolute favourite).

      I'm an early fan, as I started playing as soon as the first game was released ! I even wanted to buy the japanese Pokemon Green Version ^^

      Then I stopped to play until Diamond because I didn't have the GBA but now I can play the Ruby game my friend's brother borrowed me :)

      I may also buy Leaf Green or Fire Red someday !

      How about you ?
    12. Selenim
      Yep I accepted your friend request :) Sorry to answer only now but the forum was acting up again..

      Oh you like Ninetales ? Do you have one in D/P/Pt ? I like Ninetales too, I think it looks really nice and it's kinda good fighter too ^^

      If I will buy the HG/SS I would buy Silver too I think but my friend's brother wants it so I guess I'll buy the Gold :p

      I like both Ho-oh and Lugia and I own all the three (Silver/Gold/Crystal) but my favourites in those games is Suicune I think :)
    13. Selenim
      Yeah I think I'm going to buy one or the other but I don't know which one :S Are you going to buy it ?

      Of course, let's keep in touch and try to help eah other out !! Thanks again so much .
    14. Selenim
      Thank you so much it is really awesome and you can ask me even in a year I'll still have your Shaymin !! :)

      Enjoy the Glaceon !
    15. Selenim
      Sorry the modest Mewtwo is actually UT :P lvl 70 from Kanto
    16. Selenim
      Oh well mine are not either of those nature but I have a modest Mewtwo if you want ^^ It's BT though :S

      I'm connected by the way :)
    17. Selenim
      Yes I do have, either one of them :) Want one ?
    18. Selenim
      I'm at my home but I don't have the Wi-fi I have to go to my friends home to get it ^^

      I swear I'm not going to trade it, I really love Shaymin and even more the shiny form, it's like my top favourite pokemon and I have been trying to get one since a while already, so I'm not going to let it go !!!

      I can trade you a Hasty Shaymin if you want ? It's legit too, Flower Paradise, lvl 30 UT, only thing is that it has the nickname "Floweq".

      IVs are : 28/1/8/30/5/11 (not so high either :s)

      What is your FC by the way ?
    19. Selenim
      No problem, that's really nice of you you're such a sweet person !

      My FC is 2793 7142 6264 and yours ?

      By the way, I'm not connected right now but I will be in about half an hour, will you be there ?
    20. Selenim
      Look, if it can sweeten the deal, tell me what pokemon you would need/want and I'll try to get it for you on top of the Glaceon (I can't get a Arceus though :s )
      I don't want to rob you in a way ^^
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Short, Tan & Hideous

    Eating Honey


    Mega Masquerain[Bug/Water]with Prankster


    That's it I'm demanding Freeze Dry Masquerain​