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Last Activity:
Jun 13, 2019
Apr 24, 2008
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Amemoth Fan :D, from Maryland

Eeveemaster was last seen:
Jun 13, 2019
    1. TrottingMinccino
      thanks! you too, although on equal terms, I probably would have lost. let me know if you wish to battle again sometime!
    2. RogueLapras
      Yeah it's a card game. I didn't know what it was either until my cousins introduced me to it, but now I like it. There are a lot of rules, but it's fun once you get the hang of it. I like my Vampire army :P

      Wow. That's something. I am too impatient to wait all day for a perfect IV baby lol. Especially something like Dratini that takes a long time to hatch (even with Flame Body and O Powers).

      Have you been wining a lot of battles?
    3. TrottingMinccino
      Ready when you are! can't wait to see what kind of pokemon I face tonight.
    4. RogueLapras
      Yeah I'm good too. I had a pretty good weekend. I got to see 7 of my cousins & we played Magic. Have u ever played?

      I tried IV breeding a few days ago with Hidden Ability Dratini, but the most I ever got on a baby was 4 perfect IVs. I just got tired of trying lol.
    5. TrottingMinccino
      Oh right! I never entered your friend code! give me a moment to do that. Here's mine if you're wondering: 4227 - 0729 - 3560
    6. RogueLapras
      Lol of yeah :)
      It's ok. I got most of them. I'm just sad they didn't include Feebas/Milotic. I mean there is a statue of it in the game....
      Are you doing ok?
    7. RogueLapras
      Never got back about what?
    8. TrottingMinccino
      sure! i don't see why not
    9. Sasukat
      Anything not on this list

      Abra, Aipom, Audino, Bagon, Beldum, Bergmite, Binacle, Blitzle, Bulbasaur, Bunnelby, Cacnea, Chansey, Charmander, Chespin, Cleffa, Croagunk, Cubchoo, Cubone, Dedenne, Deerling, Delibird, Diglett, Doduo, Dratini, Drillbur,Drowzee, Dunsparce, Eevee, Elekid, Espurr, Farfetch'd, Fennekin, Flabébé, Fletchling, Froakie, Girafarig, Golett, Goomy, Gothita, Grimer, Gulpin, Happiny, Helioptile, Igglybuff, Inkay, Joltik, Kecleon, Klefki, Klink, Lapras, Larvesta, Ledyba, Litleo, Litwick, Machop, Magikarp, Magnemite, Magby, Mankey, Maractus, Marill, Mawile, Mienfoo, Minccino, Munna, Natu, Nidoran, Nosepass, Numel, Oddish, Pachirisu, Pancham, Pansear, Paras, Phanpy, Phantump, Pinsir, Poliwag, Poochyena, Pumkaboo, Purrloin, Ralts, Remoraid, Roggenrola, Rufflet, Scatterbug, Scorupi, Seviper, Shroomish, Shuckle, Shuppet, Sigilyph, Slugma, Smeargle, Snover, Snubbull, Solosis, Spheal, Spinarak, Spiritomb, Squirtle, Swinub, Tangela, Throh, Torchic, Trapinch, Trubbish, Tympole, Tyrogue, Venipede, Vulpix, Weedle, Wobbuffet, Woobat, Wooper, Wurmple.
    10. Sasukat
      I have HA Poochyena. What HA pokemon do you have?
    11. JynxMidnight
      That sounds great :D
    12. JynxMidnight
      Really just looking for other IV bred pokemon, or HA ability ones, doesn't have to be anything special!
    13. JynxMidnight
      I absolutely do :D are you interested in one?
    14. Rikku Takanashi
      Rikku Takanashi
      Hi Hi I added your FC Mine is
    15. SimpleCrow
      Uh, hi, I was wondering if there was anything that I could trade for one of your Surskit. I don't have much, but what's mine is yours. :)
    16. iMCH
      Thanks to you 2 as well :D!
    17. iMCH
      Sounds good to me! Throw me an in-game trade :)
    18. iMCH
      Hey, I PM'ed you but then I read you prefer visitor messages. :P I reserved Abra #15 for you.
      My FC is 4768 - 7428 - 4166.
      Oh, in case you didn't see my PM. A hidden ability Eevee would be nice, but otherwise I accept any hidden ability pokémon you have. :)
    19. Zayexio
      Added! Thanks :)
    20. Ranny
      Doesn't matter. Any is fine for me
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Short, Tan & Hideous

    Eating Honey


    Mega Masquerain[Bug/Water]with Prankster


    That's it I'm demanding Freeze Dry Masquerain​