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  • if can man can you make them female so i can breed them for the right abilities i want? if not its cool i know its alot of work
    sweet you think you could send me a female dratini? also im making a water team do you you happen to have natural cure staryu female?, a swift swim poliwag female, dw magikarp and a swift swim horsea? i know its a tall order but i can offer some dw pokes and i can send u some pokes ive been breeding... let me know man and if you need any help let me know
    Hey dude, i got a dw eevee, and i bred a few if you want a male one. I'm still breeding for females if you wanted one eventually. :D
    nice! whenvere youre ready, lets battle!!! btw do you have a female dratini with marvel scale? i just finished a dragonite then i found out they can learn dragon pulse as an egg move!?! so now i wanna new one lol im tryin to breed them and i already have a male with sick moves, just let me know whats up and if you need any help with anything else
    Thanks! Hah, so when you evolve the eevee it will take the evolutions ability? I posted on the trade forum, hopefully i can find one.
    No problem man.

    Dude do you know any way i could get an espeon with magic bounce? I'm trying to make him a special defender for my OU team
    Pokemon Movie 2011 Giveaway:

    Korean Reshiram + Zekrom
    Japanese Reshiram + Zekrom
    English Movie Victini

    Click Zekrom to Enter!

    i cant decide if i want umbreon to learn it or not lol, 30 mins ago i was 100% ready to learn it now idk lol sorry man building a perfect pokemon is hard, but i might need to teach my dragonite (when it lvs) fire punch and earthquake if thats cool?
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