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  • Shinies must be extra nice in gen 2, I think. Getting them in gen 7 is way easier, but you can sort of mix and match em better.
    Wasn't there a Celebi event for those who pre-ordered or somethin? You should just breed a shiny! It's 1/64 from the parent Gyarados, yeah your options are limited, but its still cool.
    Happiness is for haircuts!
    T-Tar is unfortunately so far ahead, but Dratini you can get as early as Goldenrod if you try hard!
    Just dont play competitive G/S. Moves arent very powerful, for some Pokemon, and Leftovers is the best item there is. It's the STALL generation!!
    Slow down, take your time and enjoy the pixels. -w-
    Try and use things you wouldnt normally to.
    Granbull's a real powerhouse with Strength and Shadow Ball. Lapras is super cool with Surf and Body Slam. Typhlosion has some neat coverage in Fire/Electric to. To be honest, I really wanted Granbull to. Lapras I just happened to find on my way explorin for Natu. So I guess you can a few of em were planned! Qwilfish sounds like a neat choice to though.
    Triple starter is too easy, and it takes half the fun out of seein who makes your team! I dont really plan my teams too much, it's just whoever I happen to take a fancy to! Right now its Typhlosion, Granbull and Lapras!
    Oooh and hows that? Sorry for the 10 day lateness but ive just been doin clan related things here and the odd thing here and there.
    Oh I got invited to get the Navy Blue one once but turned it down! Just keep upgrading your place.
    At some point, dex entries definitely seemed like a lot of data. Maybe that's why you get the shiny charm from the alola dex now?
    In the long run, isn't it better to just get the plazas hopping with 5 Star Treasure Hunts? That's what I'm headin for. Plus I like to play with the Pink Team shop I have xD
    Do you collect ballmons?
    Audino's were so nice, it was really all they needed to do.
    Right now it seems like Lucky Egg and grit is all we can do to level up. Though I think Isle Evelup does it for you to? Not sure.
    What's your plaza lineup? I've got a whole bunch of treasure hunts goin.
    Oh yeah I think that's actually the only time you can get caps. Oh dont worry, im working on my plaza atm to farm caps! Caps are so convenient it's not even funny. All those bros with the correct abilities but mediocre IV's can finally be up to par! What do you think of the game as a whole? I kind of miss dexnav chaining over SOS calls but SOS does have its merits. Festival Plaza could be a lil more optimized though.
    How did you do that???

    Ive been workin on my plaza among other things, sorry for not replyin. >.<
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