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  • I like PMD, however, the most recent one that came out wasn't too great in my opinion. I do have high hopes for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Who do you like to play as in PMD?
    Hello Eevee, long time no see. Glad to see you're doing well. ^ ^ I'm not sure if you have my current friend code. It's the same as always, 1504-6093-1211 I'll add you again when I get the chance!
    Hello there! I was wondering if you wanted to be friends, since, well, you seem like a nice person for one... and you have a SPYRO profile pic, which is an instant win for me, lol! Spyro was my childhood... and what got me into playing video games. :)
    Hi everyone! I updated my Black 2 and White 2 info in my sig. My teams have changed as well as my FC's for those two games. For those of you who enter my older FC of Black 2 and White 2, please update them. Thank you!
    Hopefully for a Saturday release, they'll have it in on time though. And sadly, I wouldn't know much about the release of Wind Waker HD, as I don't really pay attention to the Legend of Zelda franchise that much.
    Oh, wait, I just realized there were actually four months after August. I kinda forgot about the existence of November, lol. I think NoA may do that because of how many families tend to have a "no video games during the week" rule. So, they release the game on the weekend to give kids an opportunity to play around the time of release (I would think Friday or Saturday would be a better release day though). I find it a bit irritating when they release games on Mondays though, because stores around here don't seem to have the game in until Tuesday then (but they'll have Sunday releases in on time).
    Yeah, I think at the end of this month, it will be almost impossible to bring back 100 total Pokémon from the DW unless you've already brought some back. And I only bothered to pre-order X. I may or may not bother to get Y at some later date. And it's nice they're coming out on a Saturday. I've always hated major Nintendo releases coming out on Sundays, because my religious beliefs prohibit shopping on Sundays.
    Yeah, I think I actually got the Wailord Watcher medal while playing through the story. The Wailord probably appeared when I was at one end of the Marine Tube. And I believe I've gotten both the Experience Millionaire and the medal for catching so many Pokémon in one day. There is one medal I probably won't be getting, and that's the one for bringing back 100 or so Pokémon from the DW, as I don't use the DW much.
    Oh, hey! I'm fine. I've been trying to work on a good doubles team for the Battle Subway that can abuse the Sky Drop glitch. How about you?
    And that's nice. I remember getting that medal a while back. I never really noticed the Wailord while I was in the Marine Tube, lol.
    I usually don't bother EV training my in-game teams, since the AI trainers outside the Battle Subway/PWT don't use EV trained Pokémon.
    Thank you. ^^

    WOW. Awesome. =D
    Never happened to me either.
    The earliest shiny I ever encountered was a shiny Poochyena, which was before you receive your pokéballs! D'=
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