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  • thanks for cloning! and yes, well aware of the date issue - was redeemed by my cousin in Hong Kong, so I know it's fo real xD
    Whew, alrighty, coming back on! (Also, you do know your Diancie has the Powersave date right?)
    Hey there! Sorry about missing you. @@ I'll still be around til my 10 PM!
    Cool! Shouldn't take more than 10 mins or so, if something goes wrong I'll let you know.
    Oh right. Did you mind if I take a clone for myself or prefer I not?
    Sorry, I'm still around! Did you do your thing and are back or still need to go out?
    hey just wanted to let you know I asked an event collector about the event landorus so hopefully I will hear back soon!

    I'm wondering if bulbapedia is wrong about when the serial codes were distributed.
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