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Last Activity:
Nov 16, 2013
Jun 19, 2011
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Bug Maniac, from The Great White North

Eidolos was last seen:
Nov 16, 2013
    1. Gorgonopsid Master
      Gorgonopsid Master
      Sorry to hear about Team rocket but there is always a spot for you over at The Defiance.
    2. MGOShockWave
      Rairyan and I are working on a new clan liquidslime also joined so if you are interested you should also join we are quite small currrently but we are fairly active and we are going to war asap :D
    3. Charminions
    4. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      np :) just pm me if you need help :)
    5. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      i replyed to your question in team rocket forums :)
    6. kyogreblue3
      hey, I made a fanfic called 'Team Magma and Aqua'! check it out if you want! ^_^
      a link's in my signature
    7. kyogreblue3
      ugh. work. I have to do it, too.
      reminds me I haven't even finished my math and reading work for the summer . . .
    8. kyogreblue3
      h-e-l-l-o, h-e-l-l-o! (imitating the Jello commercial XD)
      anyway, what's up with you?
    9. kyogreblue3
      Robo's the robot made to assist the humans in the Proto Dome, right?
    10. kyogreblue3
      actually, I could do that :D
      expect it sometime tomorrow!
    11. kyogreblue3
      aw, shoot, not a banner request!
      I suck at making banners. But you might wanna carry that request over on down to PKMNRookie's shop. His banners are epical!
    12. kyogreblue3
      have you seen this video?
    13. kyogreblue3
      oh, fan art isn't drawn. It's art made with pixels. Most people use GIMP, Paint.NET, Photoshop, and regular Paint to do it. And I do all kinds of art. :)
    14. kyogreblue3
      hmmmm . . . couldya do me a favor?
      I work at Ebiltun's Art Shop and I am so bored cuz no one's requesting right now.
      Couldya request something?!? Please?
    15. kyogreblue3
      Venomoth is pretty awesome :D. He's worthy enough to be one of Koga's.
      And you're viewing the 'Claim a Pokemon thread'?
      Look for my name next to Kyogre.
    16. kyogreblue3
      oh, you like Venomoth!
      you should meet SazandoraMASTER.
      he's OBSESSED with Venomoth! and Lyra . . .
    17. kyogreblue3
      I saw your thread on the newbie lounge!
      I just wanted to say I like bug-types, too! although I do like fire-types better . . .
      Anyway, what's your favorite bug-type? mine's Volcarona (obvious reasons XD)
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    The Great White North
    Favourite Pokémon:
    What's to say? Just another trainer who loves Pokemon!

    Pokemon, Vidyuh games, reading. cultures, music.



    "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best." Karen, Johto League Elite Four Member

    Name: Lily
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage