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  • It's way too long of a discussion to put there. Besides, I would need to constantly refer to it, so I'll just put on my tumblr instead.
    How I could have posted the VA of the Chespin's errand episode?

    For the characters, I know the majority of the katakana of the main pokemon of the cast. If I don't know the kana, I try to search in Google (searching with the word in kana). for if the character/pokemon already has a name. If it hasn't, I try to guess it and give it a "provisional name" using the literal romaji of the word (I know the majority of kanas and I can easily know manyof the name).

    For the seiyuu, I select their kanji's name, searchin Google and found out what VA is.
    Example: Rika Matsumoto (seiyuu of Satoshi), whose kana is 松本梨香. I select this kanji, I click search on Google, and found out that this kanji name is, as expected, Rika Matsumoto.


    (Is in Spanish, but is relatively clear).

    I'm doing this because I know Dephender is in vacation right now. And this is obviously provisional.
    I finally enter the forum since so long.

    But after my 3-month ban (it ended the day Courmarine Gym aired) I decided to not post here.

    Actually, I never attempted to enter the forum until now.
    Maybe a cast only consisted of "Sato+Sere and their mons" would last, at its best, 1 and half episode. Reason? Yuuji Ueda (Takeshi's VA) is voicing Gekogashira and Sonans, so while Citron and Eureka are getting prepared for the 5th gym, pretty much Takeshi would have a brief return to Satoshi's traveling companions. Citron and Eureka would return to main cast after Miare gym battle because of them wanting to travel with Satoshi until the end of Kalos league (they expressed this desire to their dad on episode 9 IIRC)
    Well Serena will have to become really good then through participating in the Tripokalons.
    No it's not confirmed but it's more than likely. There wouldn't be all this setup just for it to be thrown off as a side thing. Unlike everything else she's tried this saga, none have had 5 episodes of exposition.
    Because XY TR is neither funny nor relevant.

    At least BW TR had missions to go on. XY is way worse than that.
    And I hope that if the staff decided to use Pokemon performer as Serena's goal, TPCi could stop the idea because Pokemon Performer is too stereotypical and sends a negative message to today 's children.
    Why would I not like the fact that Serena got character development? It's the opposite of course!
    Don't assume things about me please
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