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  • Bother? Not at all. Always good to hear from old friends. Pretty much everyone I used to talk to on here has either left or isn't as active as they used to be. Heck, the simple fact I'm replying two days later and not two minutes later means I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be. Like I said, always nice to hear from old friends. Especially now that I'm in college and don't have a car so I don't even get to see my off-line friends as much as I used to.

    Yeah, funny how things change. I remember thirteen year-old me. What an obnoxious twit. If I could, I'd go back in time and slap him. Good on you for realizing your flaws and becoming a better person. If only everyone could do that. Here's wishing you two happiness.

    Alright, I know people say autocorrect gets bad, but how do you get giraffe, from (most likely) going?
    Well you can pester him tomorrow. :D

    Also, I'm sorry but.......do you even have any idea what giraffing to bed is? Cause now I'm just curious and disturbed simultaneously. xD
    .....Travis........just why. Whyyy. xD I'm actually face-palming in real life.

    I am smacking the palm of my hand, to my forebed.
    Yeah I'm still alive; just kind of fell out of the xat scene when it moved to facebook; ^__^; it happens...

    So how've you been?
    Don't know where you've gone, but it's too bad you disappeared. If you come looking for us, we're no longer at UnityUnited for some reason. Send me a PM if you get this.

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