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  • Providing it's HA with all four egg moves and a speed boosting nature,of course you may have the female ;)
    If you could get it hasty/naive it would be fantastic.
    3926 - 5813 - 3943
    I'm very much interested in your litleo:

    I'll add my fc later

    I can offer you some more obscure iv breeds that you probably don't already have. Good trade times for me are from 19.00 to 22.00 GMT all week. It's 19.04 at the time of this post over here :)
    Hey there, stopping by your profile (I didn't want to send a PM because it was getting cluttered) to let you know that I just hatched the correct Mareep AND Litwick. Furthermore, the Litwick is 6IVs flawless. I've been pretty lucky today haha
    That being said, I'll be ready to trade whenever you finish with Fletchling and Chespin. I'm in no rush, so take your time if you need to.
    No it's alright I'm hoping to get mine on my own plus mine will be impish with egg moves brave bird, whirlwind, stealth rocks, drill peck like yours I believe but mine will be in a heavy ball
    Sounds good man. It's being fixed atm but I'm hoping it will stay that way. For now I'm taking advantage while it's on to message everyone and to keep all updated. How long will you be online for (just in case I have to go offline again)
    Hey there, my internet has been out for several days now. We had a flood warning and bad weather and it took out our net for awhile. Everything's okay now and our net is working again. I can trade as soon as you would like to. I can stay up late/wake up early if need be.
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