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  • I'm honestly not sure why. I think it might have to do with the fact that the avatars are site-hosted and that there'd have to be space to store up individual avatars for everyone (site runs slow enough as it is), but that's just a guess. I really don't know.
    For some reason I feel like Latin would really be the most valuable to me as an English major. It does seem pretty tough though.
    It's not a kind month on the old immune system.

    Sounds cool! I'm in my very first language class right now.
    Oh, pretty decently. School's keeping me busy and I'm just getting over a virus, but other than that things are alright. How about you?
    Because the graphics are insane, the previous glitches were fixed, the gameplay is way more fair than Call of Duty, and they have a better experience system than before.

    Orly? She has good taste then. :p Yes, I'm from the U.S. Und du?
    It. Is. Amazing. Like, the best game. EVAR.

    Oh really? That sounds like fun! I personally prefer Italian, but unfortunately they don't offer that at my school, so I'm stuck with German. :/
    Nah, it's cool. Most people have been fading away as the school year drones on, but they all come back around eventually.

    It's going pretty good, changing things up and enjoying Halo Reach. Homework, for the most part lol.
    Yeah, I would have now, but at the time I was only like 7........

    Well I've never personally used one, but in theory they're supposed to be the perfect counter-killer. Just swap in on a Grass type, set up while they run away, and then slaughter. Blazed Fire Punch apparently does wonders when you do it.

    I know jealousy is supposed to be a sin, but I really can't help it when you have something like that. xP I have one of the fancy Hp windows Seven laptops.
    Hah sorry, didn't catch that. Same here, which I why I spent the next month trying to catch the person. Needless to say I never did.

    Charizard's an Uber now? I never knew BellyZard was so powerful.

    Lol I used to have a computer that couldn't play videos, had no sound, and took an hour to load. I was happy to kick it to the curb though. :p
    Sorry for the late respond, lots of people like green as I'm seeing in my color poll it's my 2nd fave color. Okay I'll add you to my list.
    Lucky. Video games were banned from my school, due to theft. I actually had Oracle of Seasons stolen from me in first grade D:

    Lol the old David and Goliath technique. So easy to use, but so lacking in overall game experience. I find it much more enjoyable when it's evenly matched. But yeah, I'd play my older ones if I could only find them.

    Lol it just happens. I checked my email once and BAM! Blackout virus on my stepmom's computer......Luckily it got fixed, but still.
    Lol yeah, I know exactly what you happen. The worst thing you could possibly have is a close friend you can't really trust. That happened to me back in elementary so many years back. I'm just thankful that was back when nothing really counted.

    Really? I didn't like the low level wild pokemon. I can't remember if that was in the old Johto games. But yeah, those things were ancient. I love comparing them to the games nowadays.

    Yeah, but that's mainly because idiots like to virus hard-working people's computers. So child-ish.
    Hah thanks, but I could never take credit when it wasn't due.

    Yeah, I know. I didn't like how there wasn't much of a plot-line in Kanto in those games though.

    That happened to me, except with my step-mom. And the fact that I actually went for it, and got in trouble.....
    Hello, I'd take it your favorite color is red? Well it's my favorite color, interesting posts you got, want me in your friends list?
    Hah thanks, a friend gave me the idea so I can't take full credit for it. :/

    Johto was the first complete set I acquired, I did get Red and Yellow, but Johto always had a special place for me.

    Same really, except I had internet out on my iTouch lol. I'm not sure how much better that is, since the keyboard is so small and the browser so aggravating.
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