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Last Activity:
Dec 8, 2017
Aug 30, 2005
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Flooded Europa

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be creative, from Flooded Europa

Ejunknown was last seen:
Dec 8, 2017
    1. Lucario7777777
      I'm so sorry, I don't think I ever got to reviewing your fic, stuff came up and I forgot, and I'm not reviewing fics anymore.
    2. Lucario7777777
      yes, but not until at least Monday, since it's late tonight and I'll be very busy tomorrow, opening presents, going to church, my grandparents, etc.
    3. IJuggler
      I haven't been around in a while, sorry. If you still want me to review your oneshot (or any of your fics; they look good), drop me a VM and I'd be glad to do so.
    4. Lucario7777777
      I'm sorry that I didn't review your fic 2 years ago, when you asked me to, but do you still want me to? Also, I can't find the Reviewers Thread, or your fic (I have slow internet), so links would be appreciated.
    5. Ysavvryl
      All right. I know how that goes. But nice to hear from you.

      Although your character is in a situation where he might be killed. Are you all right with this, or should I just make him vanish after the next big scene instead?
    6. Ysavvryl
      Hi. you around? I'm dropping people who haven't posted in the Divine RPG in October, so if you don't reply soon, Leo's getting chopped.
    7. FlamingRuby
      Isabel's story continues with her first match!
    8. millarc3005
      Btw have you done the drawing I requested from you.
    9. catzeye
      Thanks for letting me know! Don't worry, take your time. =D
    10. Zoruagible
      Are you interested in being on the PM list?
    11. Zoruagible
      Your welcome!
    12. GoldenHouou
      And now we got a chance to RP together <8D Yayshness!

      Which links would you like? Just the Team Dark one? I CAN'T RECALL ANY OTHER RP WHERE WE WERE TOGETHER WHAT IS THIS.
    13. Zoruagible
      I reviewed and posted my comment
    14. Zoruagible
      Sure! I'd love to :)
    15. catzeye
      I would love to do review exchange with you too! Thanks for asking!
    16. ShadedSkies
      Sorry, but going by the rules of the review thread I'll review one of your stories in exchange. Choose which one!
    17. GoldenHouou

      Good luck finding it, I was only able to find it because... I think I've never unsubscribed to anything. So uh. Lots of threads from ancient times there. I can give you links if you want to. It was great to read old posts again, even if my eyes bled until I kept repeating "Why, self, WHY?" in my sleep. For days.

      Yeah, I roleplay! I'm in... five RPs right now, I think. All here, of course! Do you? Ffff it'd be awesome to roleplay together again 8D!
    18. GoldenHouou
      Eju? You're still here? =O OMG.

      You probably don't remember me, but I was reading through some old RPGs (Rise of Team Dark, you remember? I was the n00b who burnt Celadon. Or Cerulean. I don't... really remember, but burning happened), and decided to see if any of the people I knew back then are still here.

      So HI 8D
    19. Golden
      Sorry. I'm actually not going to use it and I already notified BA. It's a great idea though, and I hope another author adopts it soon.
    20. Golden
      Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I adopted your idea from the Fan Fiction Idea Adoption thread and I am working on it now.
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    Flooded Europa
    Favourite Pokémon:
    An old relic. You can find me on tumblr, if you know where to look. ;D

    Writing, drawing, pretty much anything and everything.


    demise: the last remnants of the fallen

    chapter two complete: defective.

    meddling with time: where time lines collide
    a new fanfiction of twisted time and mistaken love chapter one complete: steps forward

    author's profile -review exchange profile - deviant [/COLOR]