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  • Likewise. I'm glad to hear you're well.

    Well, today I get my GCSE mock results. That should be interesting.
    Unfortunately Ekans my 3DS isn't accepting the Internet atm, so obviously smash is out of the question.

    How are you?
    Hmm. My schedule is really busy. I could possibly be available this Friday at 1300 MDT (GMT -7). Would that work?
    Sorry, I didn't even see your message until today. My apologies for the delay. I'm mostly free, so most times will work for me.
    I meant or should I just save up for a Wii U instead, but I got told how to fix my copy and now it's works fine. It was a simple case of going in to settings and deleting extra data for smash :/ Sorry dude
    I'm considering getting a new copy, though the warranty will be done now after two years, so I'll just have to by one. Not sure that's worth it though.
    That's harsh, man. And I thought I was busy.

    It doesn't help that the people I used to practice with have mostly gone to Wii U, so now I spend most of my time on FG, which is not the best way to improve lol.
    Well I take it this is goodbye for now! Those games were a bit underwhelming, I'm sorry about that. With other commitments my smash game has degraded.
    I'm starting off with Little Mac, a character I haven't used in ages.

    Edit: well that was embarrassing!
    Oh, 3DS. I dropped that version a while back, made me have poor results at local tourneys. Only Wii U now, not sure if that'd be an issue for you though.
    Metaphorically speaking of course! :D

    I'll have to double check, nothing is ever set in stone in my family, but that's probably the best day of the week to do it. Look forward to playing with you.

    Btw, if you ever want to talk just smash, I do visit Smashboards regularly.
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