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  • Oh boy! Good luck. I don't have times, but I'm sure with so much leeway I'll be available at some point. If I come on at 6PM tomorrow, that should do.
    Ah sorry didn't see that, went ahead and posted them. Although you wouldn't have been able to anyway because of double posting
    Update just finished, adding you now then I'll join the room. Sorry for taking so long, it wasn't anticipated I guess my wifi is bad or something.
    Hopefully, although Smash is taking a very long time to update. Around 2/3 of the way there, I'll add you after that and join your room.
    I'm just updating my Smash since I haven't played in a while, should be ready shortly. Have we registered each other?
    As my secondary, he's not advancing as much as he should be. I don't know as many tricks as I should do. I should read up more about him.
    That sounds good but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to make it, I'll VM you closer to Sunday.
    I'm GMT so for me those times would be 2130-2030 (is this correct? It's going backwards), 1900-0200 and 1600-0200. I probably can't make the times during the week but the weekend seems promising from around 1900-2000 on Saturday and 1600-2000 on Sunday. When would work best for you?
    Depends on the context. In most cases you want to avoid double posting as much as possible, but there are exceptions on a case by case basis... in other words, it's not a blank check to double post whenever you'd like.

    That said, I'm assuming the case here is that you want to post the matchups in the Ring of Fire tournament thread, and in this particular case, that's an acceptable use of a double post. I wouldn't infract that.
    Good question... I always try to use the edit function but in some cases it really is useful to add a different post. Try to ask the mods, but I think that there are exceptions for these cases according to the rules :)
    Ahh I see. Thanks for letting me know o/ Maybe we can set up a cross guild smash tourney one of these days.
    Heya, nice ta meet ya. o/ I was just browsing around and saw your guild is having a smash tourney. Would you take a guest from another guild to participate? And I'm also interested in what the smash league is :V
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