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  • Ah, I see. I mainly mentioned my Marill because you wanted an Azurill; I thought you'd be fine with either, haha.
    But as for nicknamable shinies, I do have a shiny DBHA Cacnea with my OT, as well as a shiny Level Ball Rhyhorn. Both are male, however, and the Rhyhorn does not have a perfect nature -_-

    Though to even out the trade, I could trade you both of them (Cacnea AND Rhyhorn), or just trade you one of them (Cacnea or Rhyhorn) along with one or two items (Master Ball, Mega Stone, Leftovers, etc).
    Hi EKZ, I am interested in this shiny of yours: 5IV Timid HA Seviper (M) - Final Gambit, Night Slash, Switcheroo, Stockpile

    I can offer any shiny Pokemon on my Poketrade FT page in return for it. I believe you would be the most interested in my Shiny 6IV Marill?
    Hello, I see you are online now. I'm also online on both the forums and the PSS of Omega Ruby. Should we trade now?
    Yeah sorry I've only just started Sring shiny legends, and Lugia is the current target. I MIGHT have some of those HA pokemon though I can't say for sure since I got rid of a lot of my spares through cloning. If by some random chance I get Lugia at some point and get to Dialga, I'll let you know.
    So unfortunately I don't have anything that you don't, but I do have different natured pokemon that you do have.
    6iv Jolly Shield Dust Weedle, 6iv naive Super Luck absol with Feint, Sucker Punch, Baton Pass and Play Rough, Calm and Timid 5iv Rotoms. Thats the extent of what I have. If any of them do interest you I am willing to go 2:1.
    so I'm back with another trade request. Not entirely sure what you would want for it but I'd love to trade for your shiny Ho-oh. If anything i have interests you, please let me know!
    that's not quite what i meant
    it was captured in alpha sapphire
    but because the location is an or/as it wouldnt be recognized because soaring wasnt introduced in Y
    here's what she says
    Boo met ETHAN at...Somewhere(soaring in the sky)
    ETHAN threw a Pokeball(master ball) at it, and they started to travel together
    The pokemon remembers that it felt nostalgic

    Boo became Zero's friend when it arrived via link trade at...somewhere(dewford town)
    the pokemon remembers that it got overwhelmed by emotion
    well i did use the memory girl on Y to check on dialga since im not near lilycove yet in AS
    i didnt get the message "this pokemon has a memory but it cant seem to remember"
    it said "boo met ethan at..somewhere(since the location isnt in Y)
    i forgot what she said about it but the first part seemed important
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend :) (even if you're not American and this has nothing to do with you lol- I'm putting this on all happy wishings just to be safe)
    Hello! I have some Shiny 5 IV Timid Vivillons and I'm willing to trade them for your events, as long as you have one or more Pokémon that I'm looking for, of course. I got Sandstorm, Archipelago and Icysnow patterns. Do you have a list of your event Pokémon?

    Thank you very much! Oh, and I'm sorry if I misspelled anything. I'm Brazilian, so maybe I made a mistake. :p
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