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  • lol but now is dry and hot. bleh. so if playing soccer is get dirty and dusty haha!
    lol i don't like to stay at home 24 hours. -_-

    i still go out even though it rains.

    i think it is not good due to humidity level. many people fallen sick lol.
    anyway right now just play as much as you can but don't fall sick. not great to start the new year lol.

    ok i shall go offline soon. nice to sleep right now.
    just sort out which is more important to you. which is getting a degree so you need to work hard.

    though right now i can play more often, but even so, i couldn't manage even an hour of playing when i am studying.
    lol tough.

    it is studying and studying and studying. so i need a little break so i can do other stuffs beside studying.
    nah. i am deferring my course for 2 terms.

    i am in university now. it is college for others i think.
    but it never hurts to try.


    ahh~ today is relax day till new year. and after that is back to being busy.
    lol no. it has some flaws that is why i have to plan well.

    for example, i should switch bronzong out before you used overheat, but i am testing bronzong's spec def so i know its limit so i left it there to faint. haha.
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