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Recent content by El hariyamer

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    Authors/books you admire or recommend

    Thomas Pynchon: Gravity's Rainbow, Vineland, The Crying of Lot 49, V. Strangest and best American author I've ever read. Unduplicatable style. Iain Banks: A song of stone, Excession, Against a Dark Background. Both fantasy and science-fiction. Intriguing second-person style. Milan...
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    A Question On What Kind Of Story To Write.

    If you want to practice, work on one-shots. Once you feel confident enough, you should be able to handle a multi-chaptered fic. Of course, for some people, it's the other way round. Often, many accomplished novelists choose to write novels because they cannot write short stories no matter how...
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    Technological and Genetic Advancement – Tech in the Pokemon Realm

    I was wondering something. When you send a pokeball over the storage system, the pokemon itself is converted into data and sent over. According to the anime, the pokemon is sent to Professor Oak's personal fields, but according to other sources, the pokemon just remains as stored data in the...
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    How will Diamond and Pearl affect your fanfic?

    A lot has been said about the D/P legendaries in this thread. Just wondered: Other than legendaries and new evos, how else does D/P affect your fics? In every game, there were notable technological and stylistic advances, such as the pokeballs, the storage system and the Pokenav. When D/P...
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    Super Smash Bros: Grande Duel

    The ones in the first game were Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud and Samus Aran. Secret characters were Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff. The new characters in the second game were Bowser, Dr. Mario, Falco Lombardi, Ganondorf, Ice Climbers, Marth, Mewtwo...
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    Lost in translation

    My poem after translation. The original can be found here.
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    pokemon- the journey to be master

    Perhaps a beta reader could be of assistance. *bows* I can fix up the spelling, but the plot needs some work. Just a thought. What kind of english teacher do you have? I know you come from Israel, but most people have higher standards. Please don't take umbrage, its the truth. And stories...
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    The 'I Suck' Syndrome.

    Everyone feels the wrath of the 'I suck' syndrome at one point or another. For me, it was when I realised I can't type without staring at the screen. Though that's probably unrelated. In any case, if you don't accept it and move on, welll...you aren't moving on. If you are plagued with that...
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    How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks and Other Short Stories

    Nice. You got started on this? I have to admire your speed. Cute little story. Pikachus are always a good start. If you write this fast, you shouldn't have too much problems keeping up with requests.
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    How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks

    This should be an interesting project. Hmm...Why are Spindas always dizzy?
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    Legendaries in fics?

    Too true. I can't really see Mewtwo or Groudon going for a friendly stroll in the park before morning tea with friends. Legendaries like Latias, on the other hand...
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    Legendaries in fics?

    I go with most people. Most Legendaries wouldn't go with humans unless they had a very good reason to. eg. Evil team, young and powerless, etc. Qne quick question for my next fic: What of their attitude to normal, trainerless pokemon? Wild pokemon that spot them and go over for a chat or...
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    The weeping rose (poem)

    Thanks for the reviews! (Takes in the cakes. Yum yum yum yum...)
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    The weeping rose (poem)

    A poem I wrote while I was feeling bored. Have fun trying to figure out what it's about. Don't forget to review. The weeping rose Soars the singing ice-thrush, Above the winds and snows, Beyond the frosted glaze-spring, Before the weeping rose. The thrush is but a single bird. But...
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    lee jordan and the monkey talisman

    It's not harshness, Steelwing, it's genuine concern. Unless you respond like the respectable human being I hope you are, no one will show respect either. To be given respect, one must respect others in turn. And have a good command of the English language with grammar, capitalization and...