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  • your request is ready for trade whenever you are ^_^ and see you haven't been on quite some time hopefully everything is alright >.<
    yeah it was probably because we were both requesting on the same time ;) and enjoy with your rowlet :3 thanks for the trade ^_^
    did you get disconnected because the communication failed I keep getting request turn down unless your requesting at the same time I am >.>
    alright getting online I am pretty sure I already added you awhile ago but if not I will then....
    you posted in your own profile you need to click on my name to get to my profile otherwise I will not notice your posts since I am not on your friends list. I hope that helps for the next time you see me online ^_^ also look for a green light next to my name otherwise if its not green then I am offline.
    hey its midnight where i am now so im sure you can do the math i'm currently on vacation so pick out a time favourable to you and let me know when you can trade but im going offline for the night so i'll be online about 9-10 hours from now. if not tomorrow we can do it day after don't sweat it
    today would of been better tbh because my mom has to go to the doctors and etc but I can try tommorow....
    your 4iv rowlet is ready for trade just message me in my vm's on my profile when were both on and we can trade which its what you asked attack,sp.attack,sp.def,and speed. I will add your wfc
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