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  • There's a scan of an icon of a music player, and the letters "GB" next to it :O Methinks we can relive the glory days of 8-bit music.

    I regret nothing I've said =P
    You ask that, I don't think even Mafia customs are going to save you from a .22 in your head.

    Maybe that was the point. ;)

    Holy sweet Jesus, just heard the Cerulean City theme, Route 38, and the Kanto Gym Leader Theme. Junichi Masuda...you can have me.

    Those small tidbitss never really bothered me, to be honest. And I expected the Pokegear to be handled on the bottom screen, much like the Poketch.
    I want you to disband Team Rocket, and/or allow your daughter to practice polygamy.

    Looking under the cap like that...it's like he's saying "Get at me, if you can." >D

    Oh yeah, music downloads are supposed to be against the rules. But Serebii's God, and he approved it, so it's all good. And I can't wait to get the tracks illegally as well.

    Touch screen has been put to use? How so?
    Somehow, I'm not surprised XD

    Make him more like Anime Ash, or just referencing the in-game event in RBY? Either way, fighting Lapras suuuuckssss...

    Really? Damn, more OST goodness XD
    And what does Honchkrow have anything to do with them? XD;

    So Gary's even more of a bad-*** with his Arcanine being at least level 62? Holy crap.

    And then there's the fact you can have the rematches with them XD. Gary with level 70 Pokemon would make me declare my undying love for Tajiri. Same thing goes for Red if his Pokemon are in the 90s. How strong are his Pokemon now, now that he's the toughest one again? All above level 85, hopefully?

    I just heard it. I'm...not too keen on it. The Ho-oh battle mix is top-notch though. Still waiting on my Route 38 mix though XD
    About freaking time. I want some emotional lovey family bonding between him and Silver now. Maybe a Double Battle against them too!

    I...did not even think about that. lol, I just thought of the levels and nothing else XD. Stupid me.

    But if the Kanto leaders get a MASSIVE upgrade, like, levels 55 and higher, then I'll be a happy camper =D.

    And did you notice Wulava posted the entire GS soundtrack for download? Route 38 ftw. Someone needs to remix that.
    G-G-G-Gideon! G-G-G-Giovanni!

    But levels still suck and Misty's not a red-head. I hate this game now >(
    I guess it would :s. Zamus is just screaming to get pounded.

    Guess who got a Wii Points Card? Guess who's playing LoZ and Metroid for the very first time? 8D
    I already have all those things, so I don't need to worry about that =P

    I messaged you on Facebook. I'm surprised you haven't responded yet, considering you usually do at 6 in the morning =P
    I guess I can afford to be patient. JAM Project is uploading all of their songs onto Itunes starting....uh, 3 days ago. And they'll continue to upload songs every 2 weeks. Okkusenman may not be there right now, but that could change two weeks from now! =D
    .....I.....completely......came.....Wily's Castle.....man....

    Holy ****, I need this song on my Ipod. NOW!!!!!
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