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  • its much harder to get fingerprints on the dsi because the screen glass is different. whatever color you choose, dont get black because know matter how well you take care of it, you will see scratches on the outside.
    the colors are meh. but i got mine in black even though i wanted light blue. but the colors dont do anything. im typing this on my dsi right now as my internets down.※〒♭♪±¢£∞∴^°™Â©Â®…」「
    the colors are meh. but i got mine in black even though i wanted light blue. but the colors dont do anything. im typing this on my dsi right now as my internets down.※〒♭♪±¢£∞∴^°™©®…」「
    hell yeah!! you can go on the internet, make animations with flipnotes, take pictures,download games ect. its super convienant.

    GET THE DSi!!!!!!
    Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't work when you offer people help.

    I'm not sure if he's actually listening but at least I can say I tried.

    I gotta go. I may not be on tomorrow or on Christmas so Merry Christmas! :D

    Connor :)
    I'm actually talking to him now.

    He's coming around and is actually a decent guy when you talk to him. He's just thinks people are making fun of him because he's black. I've explained all this to him and he's doing OK. He very sensitive about people discriminating him.

    I am not defending him but I am looking at his side of the light.
    I like ordinary snowball fights. When it's hard packed like ice I don't.

    I got revenge anyway.

    EDIT: The pig was attacking the pickers-up the other week, apparently.
    This week, it attacked the guns, took a flask, and bent someone's stick (today was a black powder day, when they use the muzzle loading guns. They have to shove gunpowder and pellets and everything down the barrels.)

    EDIT 2: I have injured myself on barbed wire. The other week, on another shoot, my wellies got caught in the fence, and I went over and cut the bottom of my foot. I have loads of them stories.
    Yes really. You don't know what it was like.

    Snow was deep.
    We were sliding around in the trailer.
    I ripped my trousers on barbed wire ON THE 2ND DRIVE OF THE MORNING.
    I had a snowball thrown at my face.
    Snow was melting and falling from the trees onto us me.
    I had to climb all over the place underneath fallen trees.

    But I got to stroke a pig :)

    That's just what I can remember right now.
    Consider yourself lucky. I've been freezing to death all day. I've been walking in snow about a foot deep in places. Getting to the 1st drive, we were in a horse box driven by a tractor. It was swaying all over the place. I'm not that exhausted, and I got £35 for my hard work :)
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