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  • Ahh nvm just bred a male intimidate :) yes!! So which do you prefer ? It's totally up to you, it's YOUR in game team.

    I still need to EV it too. Do you want me to evolve it or do you want it to stay Growlithe ? If you want him un evolved I can make him hold a Fire Stone :)
    Hey which Growlithe do you want ? Flash Fire Male or Intimidate Female ? That's all I've been able to breed so far :/ and do you want them to have Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Crunch, and Close Combat ?
    Haven't responded for a while because busy with stuff.

    -Will build Ubers team later this week
    -Instead of building you an LC team, I'll send you mine and you can see how I usually pick my team members.
    Well, good luck with that.

    Since Arceus Fighting is a supporter, pick a Pokemon THAT BENEFITS from Arceus's support.
    Alright, since you seen the sets, which one that is VIABLE that you like the most and want to start from there?
    Sure, why not? Unless you're still using jokes in Ubers. In that case, I'd probably ignore you for the rest of time.

    *Pokemon, not types
    Yea it's fine. I still need to EV my Riolu and breed you a Growlite with Adamant nature. And gender pref ?

    What did you want me to put the other 4 EVs for ? If not bulk ?
    That's fine dude :) I'll EV train them for you, and I don't need anything in return. This can be
    my way of helping our clan :)
    Spoilers plz so that people don't see your team and I don't have to expect a great wall of China text.

    Will rate later.
    I can get by Technician (I think), but Bulky Breloom is the bane of my existence. It's got low sp. Def, and Skarmory's the best according to Smogon. What do you think I should do? At this point, I do wish Landorus had a flying type move xD

    But the team works great against other sandstorm teams, and all the other ones too. Nothing passes Tyranitar Specially, even Choice Specs boosted Rotom's Hydro Pump. (Maybe an Aura Sphere would, but I haven't come across one).
    If you want to use Therian Landorus, you have to make another team. Landorus-I outclasses Landorus-T because of Sand Force boosted STAB Earthquake and Stone Edge along with a stronger HP Ice and base 101 SPEED, which is very nice in this metagame.

    LOL POISON HEAL Breloom. Almost no one uses it unless for some stranger reason they don't like Technitian Bullet Seed and Mach Punch. If you have trouble with Breloom, you might not want Reuniclus to be your sleep fodder or replace a Pokemon on the team for a check to Breloom.
    NO NO NO NO!!!

    Never use a status orb on Reuniclus unless you're using Trick. Life orb and ESPECIALLY Leftovers are more useful.

    ...also, what happened to burning stuff with Rotom-W?
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