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Elemental Charizam
Last Activity:
Feb 13, 2012
Sep 21, 2004
Likes Received:
(44.5, 56.7)

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Elemental Charizam

Sudden Genre Shift, from (44.5, 56.7)

Elemental Charizam was last seen:
Feb 13, 2012
    1. Tale
      Oh my Gooooooood...ness.

      I can't believe you're still here! The last time we spoke was years and years ago.

      I've been pretty good - how have you been all this time? Do you have msn?
    2. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      ¬¬ I admited nothing.
    3. Elemental Charizam
      Elemental Charizam
      Yes, but your "imperfection", which ruins any possibility of a joke, is entirely your fault. I'm glad you've finally realised that you were wrong, though. It's good that you can admit that, even if it is followed by a torrent of poorly crafted insults.
    4. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu

      So evidently when you tease someone, it has to be soooo perfect otherwise you seem like an idiot or a liar to people who can't get their head out of something?

      Well la-de-frickin-da.

      It's not my problem that humor is lost to you so much on the internet.
    5. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu

      last time I checked, Teasing is like Joking. I was Joking around. AKA Teasing.

      But ty for not bothering to get your head out of your *** and continuing to assume. Cause heaven forbid you forgot what doing that does to both parties.
    6. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      I. Was. ****ing. Joking.

      What the **** is wrong with people who can't believe the truth. I don't ****ing lie unlike others ¬¬
    7. Synthetic
      vvv 'Cos certain indicators are missin', ma'am.

      On the interwebz, 'humour' and 'teasing' do not make good bedfellows. It's an artificial environment where body language and tone are lacking, therefore sterile and aggressive by nature. So when lacking adequate emoticons and a particular structure, it sounds like words of spite, most often.

      Or at least, it's easier to see it as spiteful.
    8. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      It's nice when people can't grasp the use of interwebz teasing n humor.

      I was teasing him about claiming to be a grammar nazi.

      But ty for being ignorant like some others :D
    9. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Yo EC, be more active. I miss reading your posts.
    10. Manaphyman
      I appreciate the review..thanks a bunch.
    11. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Thanks for the review, EC! *huuuuuuuugs*
    12. BigLutz
      Damn! Foiled by punctuation again!
    13. Falthor
      You're welcome. So how've you been? Whatever happened to that fic of yours?
    14. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Eccccc, Happy Birthday!!! :D
    15. Falthor
      Happy Birthday, dude.
    16. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Hehe, and when oh when will you start putting your ideas to paper, eh? :p

      And nah, don't think I'll do all that well because I rushed to meet the deadline and didn't correct some of my grammatical mistakes. But it's fine, I just want to post my corrected one-shot now! XD

      Nah, I didn't give up Two of a Kind...but I really need to rethink about some things, because I think the story has some glaring plot holes later on. D:
    17. EonMaster One
      EonMaster One
      No disrespect, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. If it's about my own fic, could you do me a huge favor and post where you see the problem. It's probably something I haven't been paying attention to and I'd really like to correct it.
    18. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      So you're writing an original story?

      Actually, I have written a new one-shot this year! :D However, I can't post it yet because it's my entry for the the Tragedy Contest and I'll be disqualified if I do (not like I'll get a good ranking anyway). I'm also writing a *gasp* journey fic!

      By the way your user title is misspelled. It should be 'Atheist Conspiracy!' ;)
    19. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Guess I'll just stick with EC. XD Urgh, I wish my parents had named me something else....like Denise! Heck, I dunno...

      Have you been writing lately? :O
    20. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Oh yes, forget about your friends why don't you? Heh, only kidding of course. ;3

      What have you been up to, Adam (is there any other nickname asides from EC that you like)? :)
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