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  • Of course I am. I've just been too busy to increase my SU's length over the last couple of days, though I intend to do so tonight.
    Oh yes! Is the Electric-type taken? I'm going to make myself finish the SU today. I've only got Pokemon left anyway...
    Between work and everything, I'm probably not going to have time. Good luck with it though, it looks like a good RP so I hope it finishes (unlike most of the RP's around here).
    yeah, no problem. I probably should have PM'd you, but I really have been rushing everywhere. XD.

    And awesome. Can't wait to read your sign up.

    I still feel like I'm probably a level under your standards. Hopefully I can prove myself wrong there. XD
    Well I'm not going to sign up unless I can get a good feel for the character because if I'm not attached I'll probally loose interest though don't count me out yet I may still come up with something. As for the Steel selection, it seemed like the natural way to go due to Syther and Pineco having Steel evolutions, perfect for someone who had become disenheartened with the bug type.
    Very interested. I have been working on my sign up, and I'm almost done (doing the sample now), I just have been extremely busy (I'm taking summer animation college classes, and we JUST turned in our final project this morning). But anyway, that business shouldnt be as bad now, so the sign up should be done... soonish. I dont wanna say today in case they give us more work, but you know....

    Definately before the week is up.
    I'm not making any progress. I have my characters name and backstory fleshed out but the character and pokemon (fyi I choose Steel) are really coming to me at the moment so I could go ethier way.
    Just one question: you said we're allowed Pokemon that aren't our chosen type, provided they knew at least one move that was our chosen type. How many are we allowed?
    It's in the Kent area, south-east London. I don't think it's the official plural, but it does sound better. That was my first event; I would have gone to the Shaymin one, as it was in London, but I was on a revision course. If there are any more events in London, then I'll probably be there.

    Yes, yes, I'll sign up.
    I was at a Darkrai event, but it was at Bexleyheath. SuperStarly was there as well, but I only realised that when I got back. Also, I hadn't even beat the Elite Four then, so if I did anything, it was just trading and watching 12-year olds fight with 6 Arcei.
    I suppose I could, I'm trying to make my character differ to Tundra's.

    I've never had an Aerodactyl called Starscream, but damn, that's a good name. Maybe you ran into my future self who did have that Aerodactyl, who named it because of our conversation.
    Oops, sorry for that. Yes, I am British. Because Tundra already claimed the Fire type (not his fault, I'd like to add), I'm going to drop out; like him, that's the only one I can really work with.
    Yeah when you accept a friend request from another member you tend to become friends lol. I saw that we had extremely similar taste in music so I thought it might be worth getting to know you ^^
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