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  • Aye. GCSEs.

    Our school trips rule. Too much money for Skiing though.

    Aye, only a few, and one where she's kissing me on the cheek and I'm going all red. (Last day n'all)

    Lol. Not many, just mates.

    Rugby man me. Prop, and can play a few other positions, but tight head is my faveourite.
    Defence for footy if I play.

    And a Long distance Swimmer. May try and swim the Channel one day, if I can be arsed.

    And the £25 is only cause I have a contract, everyone else gets a phone top-up.


    You don't look fat at all. Not by my book.

    Hm. How did your porject to get started on Yugioh go? And try Ebuddy, its like msn but you don't have to install it.
    Nah, I've become lazy :p

    School is awsome. I moved into it from middle just this year, and am now in Y9. Stupid English is mucked up now though, I was in top set, now I'm in Bottom. I keep getting merits (70 and you get £25. Yeah :D)

    Yeah, nice pic. I need a decent one where I'm

    A) Not hugging a girl (Where I do look good)
    B) Look good. Maybe if SPPF is still around when I lose all of my weight (Used to be a fat git, but have started losing it now, actually gaining some facial structure over cheek fat! :D)

    Yeah. What sports do you do?

    Hey Liam, long time no chat!

    Did you say youy had MSN? I can't member.

    I will Brawl you sometime soon, too caught up in Platinum atm.

    Oh crud I keep forgetting to add you [/will add soon hopefully]. :eek:

    When do you think you can get on?
    Hey. Ain't seen you in a while.

    Yeah, got it. Completed it today. Give you my FC tommorow.

    I was. And was ill. I love the British weather. Nicer cooler.
    That sounds fine by me. I'll do what I can to be on SPPF at that time, though I may end up accidentally tying myself up in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

    Life's been busy lately, but I'm trying today to clear out all the rest of my schoolwork for the online summer semester so that I can get right into work on my real schoolwork when it starts up again in a couple of weeks. If all goes well, tomorrow will be my first truly free day in ages.
    Hi, EM. I am sorry for not visiting you in a long time. I hope things are going well. I still have some PMs from when you were doing that Eevee design contest. XD
    i have two fields and an orchard actually but i'm banned from having parties in my orchard on the account of the last few parties i've had in there resulting in damage to the precious old trees :/

    and clothes. i spend money on clothes as well. and drugs. booze. bacci. weed. anything and everything >:D

    lolz [/jk]
    lol, i am going to have a party in my field which twill be awesome i hope. i have a reputation for having AWESOME parties...or shite ones xD ^^

    and i normally save up my money but when i do spend it, its normally on food or sex or stuff

    n lol, i posted in my own profile...again...
    the pay? could be better ¬_¬ i'm only getting £3.50 atm as there's no minimum wage for moi. however, when i turn 16, i get a pay rise to £4.75 :p which will be awesome!
    80 is bad, cause with 40 you have a 1:40 chance of drawing the cards you need.

    And 1 copy of each limited card per deck.

    Not too well. Frogs don't work without Substitoad.

    And max 3 of each card per deck.
    I began with it, then built it up so its pretty much standard Samurai, but it wasn't my fault! And plus, no one thought of Running United We Stand with em

    And it doesn't matter, the two main cards in Chaos are banned, along with a load of others, so the the Lim/Forb. list in the Alt. TCG section.

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