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  • Lmao. And hasn't started. Yami Ron is taking a long time!

    And when you do, I want to duel that XYZ/VWXYZ deck you said about.
    and that **** was S-L-U-T btw xD and cool. you just don't wanna be around if i hit violent crazy stage. seriously. one of my mates is black belt at Tae-kwon-do and even HE is scared of me. i throw some fat*ss punches when i get drunk xD
    lol, very happy. a ****. then an emo. then a violent crazy sonuvabiatch as i get drunker and drunker.xD hence why i only like getting tipsy
    lol, you SO haven't discovered the fun of being drunk with a load of people. haha tis so random. and i love it when people 'turn' when they get drunk =P >:)
    lol, i'm a heavy weight. seriously. if i want to get smashed, i need to drink 2 1/2 bottles of spirits. STRAIGHT. haha but i only like getting tipsy tbh. getting so drunk you can't remember the night before is BAD
    Dear lord, boy, I just saw how immense your signups really are now O.O The first time I saw you... I think you had a small paragraph a field? Now it's like... whoa.
    haha, interesting thoughts on the RPG group...it would be interesting i think to make the guy who is charge of the tourney like...actually taking part. someone everyone knows. the black horse. someone noone expects

    and we have an epidemic of non-straight people in my school. there must be something in the water. seriously. lol, not that i'm complaining! haha, my school is totally cool <3
    awww! you're an ickle nerd! XD how cute lol

    i don't have a social fitting in society really. unless you **** me as the school gay. which doesn't work as there are LOADS of gay/bi people in my school o_O lol ^^
    Well, the questionnaire could be helpful, but it is bedridden in a terminal disease, the only thing that could save it now, is a comment or two, before the duration of une monthento is completed.


    and now for something completely differant
    lol, well, i'm a happy flirtatious guy. people only know when i'm being serious with my flirting when i go all shy and embarrassed.

    and no one has a filtier mind than i do darling :)C <supposed to be an evil face xD

    (and damn it, i accidently posted this in my profile again xD)
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