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  • I thought you wanted something from him :/ that's why I aksed in 1st place. Plus Earthquake started to troll :/ he's a true 100% pain in the A $ $ ...
    10Rayquazas fight a long with 10Marills ..
    thanks i havent even look at it yet :p i need to see what egg moves to give it. Black 2 and White 2, you havent seen the news yet o.0 Game freak decided to make sequels to BW instead of the usual "combination, but same storyline" third installment. Apparently there is a storyline set 2 years after BW and Half of Unova is frozen over. It focuses on Black Kyurem and White Kyurem or something like that but the details are still sketchy. The games are released in Japan on June 23/24 iirc
    the last two are Minccino and Basculin, which might just end up being my next two RNGs but not sure yet. There is also the DPPt legends that i havent RNGed and the Regis (about to look into RNGing on Emerald so i might get those soon enough XD) I know by putting them on pokecheck people dont really see them as valuable any more, but i was really just giving the pokemon away for the last few months anyway to anyone who politely asked so its kinda the same to me. I like to help others out and not everyone can get all of the pokemon so i figured this way i can help more people. Also it would have kinda hurt me to RNG them all, then not do anything with them or even worse, delete them all x( And since i dont trade or need anything anymore, its all good i guess :)

    btw, shes cute, wtg! I'll check you sig too :p

    EDIT: saw ya :p
    well, I've RNGed every pokemon save for about 45 (all but 6 are Unova pokemon) and i have a flawless version of all the pokemon except two, so i plan on closing my shop whenever i can get a mod to respond to me :p I also took up Gen 4 RNGing and so the only pokemon i wont be able to RNG right away are a few legends from G4. Since i dont need anything anymore and since i dont really trade much, i just made all of my pokemon public on pokecheck so all of my work doesnt just go to waste :p not really sure what else to do really, waiting for B2/W2 so i can RNG the new Kyurems and the BW roamers i missed. How abotu you? when do you plan on coming back and why did you leave :p

    P.S. who's the pretty girl in the pic if i may ask?
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